(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)








Martin put his gun back into his holster and went over to help Hal.


"Are you alright? Let me see your throat."


Hal pushed Martin's hand away, nodding his head that he was okay.


"At least let me take you down to emergency to see if there's any damage."


Hal cleared his throat and spoke quietly, his voice was still raspy.


"No, I'm okay. Water."


Martin saw a water fountain on the far wall, and pointed it out to Hal. Still feeling lightheaded and dizzy, Hal struggled to get to a standing position from his seat. Martin tried to help, but, again, Hal, (his ego bruised just as bad, if not worst than his throat), refused any assistance.


"Maybe I'm getting too old for this kind of work. That guy got the jump on me twiceMANwas he fast and STRONG! And he's a doctor? I guess he's good with his hands in more than one way!"


"I don't think that you're getting too old, Martin. And...and I don't think that he's just a doctor. I think we just met one of those guys with special skills, who nobody is supposed to know about."


"Maybe you're right, Hal. But, MAN, he was FAST and STRONG AS AN OX! And, I thought I was strong!"


While trying to swallow the water, Hal started coughing and choking.


"Drink slow, Hal. That guy had a grip on him. He could have crushed us both if he wanted to. I've got to tell the other guys to be careful around him. We've got to be prepared if Zenobia doesn't make it."


At the thought of that, Hal sunk to the floor.


"Come on, Hal! Get up! Let's go pray!"




Hal and Martin knelt down in front of the pews. Pastor Fitzgerald had gotten the video conference started and the overhead screen in  the front was divided into about sixteen sections with Pastor Escobar Diaz in the middle of the screen. He was thanking Pastor Fitzgerald for coordinating everything at the hospital.


Folding his hands together, Martin bowed his head and began to thank God for being alive and for not having had to take a life. He felt a hand on his shoulder and lifted his head. It was Steve.


"Sorry, Martin, but, we've got company. Lieutenant Hamilton is upstairs waiting outside of Rachel's room for Hal. Do you want me to tell him to come down here?"


Hal, who had been listening, started thinking about the condition of the chapel library and the broken door. He spoke up quickly.


"No, tell him to stay put. I'll meet him upstairs."


Hal hadn't heard from Lieutenant Hamilton for some time, now. He wondered what it could be about. They weren't able to pin Miriam and Arturo's murders on Dudley, but, they did manage to put him back in prison for some other charges, including unauthorized carrying of a weapon and breaking parole. Perhaps, Lieutenant Hamilton had uncovered more evidence to put him away for life.


Quietly, they crept out of the chapel and went up to Rachel's room.





Although, his throat was still sore, Hal managed to speak when he saw Lieutenant Hamilton.


"Hello Lieutenant Hamilton. How are you? We haven't seen you for a while"


"Hi Hal. Are you alright?"


"Yeah, just a sore throat. Do you have news for us?"


"Yes...I'm afraid so. I'm sorry I didn't get around to talk to you sooner, but, I had a lot of research to do. Can we talk in the room?"


"No, I don't want to disturb, Rachel and the baby. There's a conference room around the corner. Follow me."


"Congratulations to you and Ms. Montgomery on the birth of your a...Is it a girl or boy?"




Hal began coughing. Martin grabbed one of the complimentary water bottles out of the small refrigerator and gave it to Hal.


"Well, congratulations! Uh... this might take a while, so, please take a seat. I need to talk to you about several matters really. First, I'm very sorry to hear about your father, but, he certainly fought the good fight, from what I hear."


"Thank you. Yes, he was a good man."


"Yes...and I intend to give him justice. You see, we couldn't tell you this before, but, his death and your chauffeur's death was no accident."


"We already knew that, Lieutenant Hamilton. We were just waiting for it to be confirmed and to find out the details."


"You knew? Oooh, you're probably going on the warning you had received that morning. Well, that's the next thing we need to talk about. We think that this hit-man who sent the flowers and wrecked the limousine, is the same guy that Dudley hired to take out, I mean, to murder your cousin and the security guard, and...uh...of course the attempted murder on your aunt, Tanya Yanovich Graves."


Detective Hamilton paused and shook his head.


"Sam's body was riddled with bullets. We're waiting for a full autopsy report from the coroner. Ms. Agumanu and your father did not sustain bullet wounds, although, the limousine was shot up pretty bad. The bullet-proofing protected them,  Your father's arms were found wrapped tightly around Ms. Agumanu protecting her and the baby."


Lieutenant Hamilton sighed, shaking his head, again.


"However, this guy, Hurley. Uh...The hit-man's name is Jebediah Hurley. I can tell you that now, because we've put out an APB (all points bulletin) on him.  We know he was aiming directly at the driver's window from up high in a truck to take the driver out and inflict as much pain as possible on the rest of the passengers.


Nobody has been able to make a murder wrap stick, on this Hurley guy, but, we know his M.O, (modus operandi, mode of operating),..that is..."


Martin and Steve rolled their eyes at one another because of Lieutenant Hamilton's overuse of definitions and explanations for common known police terms.


"...and his time has run out! It's not the first time Hurley has sent flowers as a warning, or, caused a pile-up on the highway. He's a sadist, who gets a kick out of inflicting pain upon others and scaring people, which is why we don't want to help him do that.

He and Dudley did some time together way back and now that they're out, they continue to pass work on to one another. Real chums-- buddies in crime and murder, who look out for one another. It kind of helps to throw the heat off of each other, by having us follow the wrong scent, but, not this time. We're going to pin these murders on both of them.


We've got surveillance on Dudley and we're trying to find out where Hurley is hiding out. We've put extra men on duty around and inside of the hospital. Hurley's been known to come back to finish the job.


We also gave protection to the kid who delivered the flowers. Hurley's also been known to cover his tracks by killing anyone who can identify him at the scene of a crime."


"Excuse me, Lieutenant, but, what about Derek Graves?! They're working for him! Derek can just hire somebody else to do his dirty work!"


"You're right. Hal. Derek is the kingpin, but, we've got to get Dudley to talk, first!"


"Well, if Dudley works for Derek, then, Derek must be guilty!"


"We can't make that assumption in a court of law, Hal, without any proof. I'm sorry."


"Do you at least have surveillance on Derek?!"


"He's a presidential candidate! There's only so much we can do! We can't interfere with an election, or, get in the way of his federal protection through the Secret Service!"


"Lieutenant, Derek Graves killed my father,

my cousin, and friends, who were like family. Now, my child and her mother are fighting for their lives because of him!


Jake is missing and we don't even know if he's alive or dead! 




Straining and irritating his throat by yelling so loudly, Hal began coughing, uncontrollably, again.


"I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Hal. Just make sure you and your guys don't do anything rash.  Uh...You have someone missing, you say?"


Hal struggled to yell again, coughing in between.


"YES! ...JAKE...Jake was..,He was in the car, too! NO ONE... No one seems to know what...HAPPENED TO HIM!"


"Have you tried all of the hospitals and morgues?"


Watching Hal coughing and starting to become more and more irritated, Steve decided to step in.


"Yes, Lieutenant. And, we still have men looking for him--Jake Carpenter. We gave a description of him to the police, yesterday, and sent them a picture."


"Crazy things happen when we have pile-ups on the highway with multiple injuries and casualties. Bodies and names get mixed up because of identification being attached to the wrong person. People get taken to the wrong place. Some people can't be identified. I heard Ms. Agumanu was mistaken for dead?!"


Everyone nodded and Lieutenant Hamilton shook his head in disgust.


"I remember the time they forgot to pick up a body and it was lying on the highway for a couple of hours. People kept calling in saying there was a dead body on the side of the road, but, nobody wanted to take responsibility, or, lose their job. So, they called a private contractor to pick up the body. Yeah, sometimes, they use private contractors,  anybody who takes a little training and has their own van, gurney, and body bags! The city started hiring private contractors to save money.


Then, there was the body on the state line between New York and New Jersey. Nobody wanted to pick up the body, until they knew which state the guy was from! Sheesh! I mean, real crazy stuff happens; crazier than that!"


Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm not being very sensitive, but, I just wanted you to know, so that you don't give up. And speaking of Jersey, did you try looking there? Some of the cars and drivers were commuters from New Jersey...and-and truck drivers. It's worth a try."


Steve looked at Martin, pulled out his phone, then, took off running out of the door.


Martin had his own running to do, now that they knew that the killer's name was Jebediah Hurley. He began texting the rest of the men and putting the word out on the street that there was a bounty on Jebediah Hurley. It wouldn't be long, now, Martin thought. It wasn't a matter of time catching up with Hurley. Hurley had stepped into a hornet's nest and it was a matter of Hurley not being able to outrun the fate which lied ahead of him.




Published by Mishael T