(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)









After the a few more testimonies, some people began to leave to attend to other responsibilities. A few remained behind to continue praying. Hal decided to go back to the fifth floor to check on Rachel, and then, Zenobia. When, he opened the door to Rachel's room, he saw her crying with her face buried in her pillow.


"What's wrong, Rache? Was I gone too long? I'm so sorry. Please don't cry."


Hal sat on the bed and held Rachel in his arms.


"Y-your...your v-voice..."


"Don't worry about me, right now, just tell me what's the matter? Is the baby okay?"


Rachel struggled to catch her breath and calm down.


"H-h-he...he called me."


"Who called you, the guy who sent the flowers?!"


"N-no-oo...it...it...was Derek."


"Derek called you?! What did he say?!


"He said...he said that...I'd be...sorry; sorry that that I le-left him f-for th...that nigger."


Rachel cried even harder, but, Hal pressed her for more information.


"What else did he say?! Huh, Rache? What else did he say?!"


"H-he s-said that...it was...it was only a matter of time."


"He threatened you?!What else..."


"Th-then, he...he hung up."


Hal picked up Rachel's phone, looked at the last phone number, then pressed dial. Without doubt, it was Derek's voice on the other end of the line.


"Hello, again, Rachel. Did you miss me?"


"Don't you ever threaten Rachel again!!"

"Hal, old buddy! You finally decided to get in touch with me! Too bad you didn't respond to Mr. Holland's invitation earlier. I'd hoped we could go into business together."


"Mr. Holland?"


"Yes, my attorney who called your private secretary. We wanted to arrange a meeting to put all of this behind us, but, as usual, you were unreasonable. Now, there's so much grieving going on from what I hear. Perhaps, it could have been avoided. Too bad."


"You've hurt and killed people I love and you're going to pay for it!"


"Tsk-tsk! Are you accusing me and threatening me on the phone, Hal, with all of my Secret Service Agents around? We could be recording you. You need to be more careful, Hal! And never tell me what I can say to my wife! What I say to my wife on the phone is none of your business! Remember, we're still married."


"Stay away from Rachel and leave her alone. Don't ever call her again!"


"Oh, don't worry about that. You can tell my wife that she was never even missed. The sheets never even got cold. But, while she was here, Hal, I enjoyed her everyday, over and over again."


Derek burst out laughing and Hal flung the phone against the wall, shocking and scaring, Rachel.




When it landed, the sound of Derek's fiendish laughter continued bellowing through the phone, until Hal ran and grabbed the phone, hanging it up to silence its tormenting and aggravating chortling.


"I want to leave here, Hal! I want to take David and leave New York! Derek...Derek is going to try to kill us, just like he tried to kill Zenobia!"


"Calm down, Rache! We can't leave now! We can't leave with Zenobia and the baby in critical condition."


"You're right, Hal. She didn't abandon me. But, can't we go home, at least? I'd feel safer there."


"I can't leave the hospital, but, I can have someone take you home."


"No! I'm not leaving without you!"


"Then, one more day, Rache...one more day,...and...and we'll both go home. Okay? Zenobia's brother is here and he brought a really good surgeon to help her. I know she's going to make it, Rache, and the baby, too."


He gave Rachel a kiss, then, thought about the disturbing things Derek had said about Rachel on the phone. Again, he began to feel rage and anger inside. For some reason, Rahid's testimony popped inside of his head and the peace he talked about finding in Jesus. He knew he needed that peace, right now, because, he felt like doing something to Derek that he knew was very wrong, but, at that moment, it felt right. He breathed in deeply and repeated, "Jesus, Jesus," within his mind, thinking about the peace that Jesus brings.


Yet, he was distracted by another thought, the name, Holland. Where had he heard that name before? Then, he remembered his father saying that Derek's attorney had tried to bribe him and threaten him, while he was in jail. He wouldn't have made any deals with Derek anyway, but, he would deal with Mr. Holland. 


Karen's mistake, also, weighed heavy on his mind. Karen had failed to relay Holland's message to him and the meeting might have saved lives, as Derek had implied. Then, he reevaluated what he had just thought. Why should he even consider the possibility of being under Derek's thumb and allowing him to pressure and control him?


However, as much as he was empathetic to Karen's hardship in taking care of an autistic brother, who was in a wheelchair, he would have to dismiss her and help her to find other employment.


Hal held onto Rachel and thought about their future and the future of everyone who was depending upon him. He decided that regardless of what some people might think, in his opinion, it was time to stop being the victim and start being the one pulling the strings and in control. 


Auntie Tanya had taught him some strategies for just a time like this. He got out his phone to call Natalie Tiledeler at The Tribune. It was time to tell his story, make some contacts, and appeal to the public. 


If he told his story in the right way, the public would put Derek Graves on trial. His great-grandfather, President Willard Graves had used the same strategy to villainize Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 presidential campaign. This time, it would be used against a Graves.


He needed his notebook with Auntie Tanya's contacts. He had never trusted anyone except Steve and Jake to know where it was kept and neither of them was available. He'd have to make a quick trip home and back with Martin.





Published by Mishael T