Matthew 19:26(KJV)
But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.


Romans 8:8(KJV)
8 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


Matthew 22:36-40(KJV)
Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Your abundant life is God's promised gift to you. Each and everyday, take it with you wherever you go. Assess your desires, intentions and actions. Assign the things you possess and desire to possess a place in your life, knowing that material things and everything else belong to God and He has loaned it to you for a while. Let those things you desire that are not within God's Will for you remind you that He has even better things in store for you, if you stand in His Will and Way until your change comes.


If we become so attached to things in our lives and so needy; if our obsession drives us to be so proud, so arrogant, and so over indulgent we do not recognize our sin, then, we really don't understand the scope of eternal and abundant life. We are still living within the shallow, false reality of the world and not the Truth of God's eternal Kingdom.


Now, if this applies to you, you can take this as cutting words that offend you and strengthen your pride, or, you can take this as words of Truth, given in love to lead you into fruitfulness, holiness and righteousness.


We are never too old or too smart to learn new things--just too proud. Each time I learn something new, I realize my true age. In teaching me new ways of thinking, God opens the door to another phase of my life. I may be in my senior years in body, but, in spirit, I am young. Only through following the Mind of Christ am I truly wise and mature. Only united with God and Christ am I whole.


Whenever I have gone through trials and temptations, I've had the feeling that I want to get my life back. I want things to return to normal the way they were, not realizing that it was the worst thing I could ever want because God was trying to move me forward. God was trying to move me past my pride; past those feelings of insecurity; past my comfort zone; past that old life that limited me or held me in bondage and into a new and ever improving better me and better life.


Those feelings I had of wanting things to stay the same were steeped in ignorance and pride. It is the same feeling that has swept over and enveloped that portion of America referred to as "populist." America has been a country steeped in ignorance and pride, fed by privilege, wealth, and greed. Therefore, God is doing a new thing to move us on and out of our comfort zone.


Change is most often painful and can appear to be chaotic because we are so caught up in fighting against it instead of letting Truth (God) have His Will and Way. Just as I must look at changes in my life as related to who God has chosen and created me to be, so must America do also, or, continue to suffer from ignorance and chaos. My choices in life must reflect and adhere to those principles which define who I am and was created to be in Christ Jesus.


If I am truly a friend of God, I cannot betray that friendship, lest I too be brought to my knees as every enemy and foe of the Almighty Jehovah God! America has betrayed that friendship as have so many nations who claim to be a friend of God, yet, instead have befriended ignorance, hatred, pride, and the ways of darkness.




What can we as true Believers do? WE CAN SHAKE UP THE WORLD!!! --Moving on from our own pride and pain, and accepting the better life God is offering to us, being free from the bondage of vanity, worldly things, and ideas; and free to live in fruitfulness and abundance. We can be role models; the examples of Jesus that the world so badly needs.


If we are to move beyond pride, within ourselves and our nations, we must understand that the hardships we endure, our failures and set backs are a way of God using us and growing us. It would be wonderful to live a life of holy, heavenly bliss, never knowing of pain and sorrow, but, we cannot be prepared for that life to come without first shedding the things of THIS world which corrupt us and helping others to do the same.


We can no longer think only of ourselves, or, as nationalist, living separate, living in solitude, unaccountable to others and unaffected by the world. We can no longer think of our own prosperity and well-being while ignoring the suffering, plight and economic disparity imposed upon others. We are witnessing the effects of such actions, where selfishness, ego-centrism and overindulgence, led by ignorance, blindness and lies have led to war, terrorism, the rise of hate groups, corrupt and racist leaders, suffering and death in this world today.


Sometimes God uses an earthquake to move the earth and crumble everything down, setting things topsy-turvy, in order to straighten things out like they should be. Then, we find that there is hope where there are lifted hearts; help where there are loving hands; and humility where there are those led beyond their pride to become part of the solutions instead of part of the problems we face.

We must be able to see the difference in God producing an earthquake and a man-made earthquake, such as the tactic being used in the current administration in the White House under Donald Trump. He, his cohorts, and accomplices (Putin, Alt-Right, White Supremacists and those who support white privilege) believe that they can create their own earthquake, destroying the democratic institutions and laws of the United States and other nations, in order to promote their own agenda of selfishness, greed, control, hate, lies, oppression, and discrimination. They carry along with them, in bondage, The Blind, The Sleeping, The Proud, and The Hurting.


When we are stuck in a quagmire, a grey zone, a dark pit, up against a wall, backed into a corner, then, we must look to God for a way out, instead of closing our eyes to grope in darkness with fear, distrust, hatred, prejudice and pride, insecurity, anxiety, depression, oppression, violence and harm to our neighbor. We must open our eyes to The Light. Hopefully, that Light is within us. If not, we must invite Him in to search our hearts and release us from bondage and pride, that we may rise up as individuals; rise up as communities, cities and nations; and rise up as mankind.


Abundant life--Take it with you into the world where it is needed to touch lives. If necessary, allow God to use you as that earthquake needed to wake people up. Your abundant life is not something you can leave at home when you go to work, school, or out and about. It is not something you can forget about when you decide to be with friends, go out to let your hair down and have fun. Abundant life is a privilege, a promise borne of holy and divine sacrifice, and an experience for you to share with others. It is defined in how you live and communicate, because it is part of your relationship with God.


You are no longer just an outcast from the Garden of Eden. You cannot be separated from your Heavenly Father. You are One with Him, covered in His abundant, unconditional love. It is by His Grace and Mercy and the sacrifice of His only begotten Son that you can be forgiven, fruitful, and once again be in communion with God. How is it that we can take this for granted and not suffer to be forgiven for our pride and arrogance?


God has required us to move beyond thinking of ourselves as only human and equipped us with His Holy Spirit and Jesus so that we can no longer make that claim or excuse as Adam and Eve did for our failures and weaknesses.


We need only to look up to the hills from which comes our help and hold on to the unchanging hand of God.


Yes, we can move beyond our pride and have an affect upon the atmosphere and the inner sphere of darkness that plagues mankind. We can dispel the lies of the adversary which diminish and vanquish hope within hearts. What is discipleship if not the changing of hearts and minds to follow the course of righteousness into Eternal Light?




My Friends, my Brethren, my Neighbors, hear the truth and remember what Jesus said of the miracles that WE, His followers shall be able to do and even more in our faith and sacrifice. Therefore, should we not shut tight the lips of doubt and despair that prevent the losing and binding of things in Heaven and on Earth, seeking to bring us down to a level of faithlessness and mediocrity? Yes, we have been EMPOWERED! WE are the true MOVERS and SHAKERS, but, let us not forget that in Christ, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERS!

Live an abundant life knowing who you are and who God created you to be! Never forget that you are WORTHY through Christ Jesus and God has chosen gifts specifically for you. If you allow God to use you and your gifts, you cannot fail. Accept your life and who you are. You were created to endure by being connected to God.

We live in a world that often outlaws God to live by man's laws and ways; where definitions and norms change from culture to culture and society to society; where everyone is not seen as being equal or worthy; and where people are labeled and put into categories. Some of these norms are often set up for the benefit of a specific group and/or race. We cannot let worldly definitions and expectations define us. We must look to God and Christ for our identity and see ourselves as God sees us.

Claim your place in the world, but not to become of the world. When necessary, RESIST AND PERSIST! If we are to be instrumental in the process of revival, resurrection, restoration and reconnection of the institutional church to God, we must teach others to resist and persist against: those rituals and ceremonies that are within competition with Christ as the Head of the Body and Chief Shepherd; those things which confuse the people to whose voice they should follow and obey; and those things which continue to place Believers behind a veil. If they are to live abundantly and eternally, they must truly accept and trust Christ, be born again and learn to resist and persist against those things which take our eyes off of Jesus and DISCONNECT us from God and His Kingdom.

Stay connected to God! Stand in your abundance against the enemies of God. Meet conflict FUNCTIONING in the Mind of Christ. Do not become complacent or set in a comfort zone. Don't settle for just being part of the world, but have an affect upon the world. Recognize and resist the tendency to apply the world to the Word of God instead of living the Word within the Kingdom of God.

A voice is a powerful tool. Let your voice and words be heard, echoing the Word of God to all. When you are looking into the eyes of sin, call it out by name and know that "greater is He that is within you, then he that is in the world." When you know your purpose, you can be driven, but, you must know your mind and heart to stay focused.

We have come a long way since the Garden of Eden and the first Adam. When God sent us the second Adam, Jesus, who asked of God that the Helper be given to us, we became more than simply human. We can no longer use the excuses of Adam and Eve. We are endowed with God's Holy Spirit and "...with God all things are possible."


JOIN ME in loving God, Jesus and life after rebirth! I have found my wings through truth, love, reality, faith, endurance, acceptance, obedience and humility. Carried by faith and God, I have been elevated to mount-up upon eagle's wings, seated in my abundant life. As I continue my journey through this life, I take God's promise and precious gift with me, headed toward eternity and home.




Father, help us to be an example. We live in a world today, where we turn on the television and often see nothing but people filled with pride, vanity, hatred, anger, jealousy, greed, fear, profanity, mistrust, lies, deception, perversion, violence, and lust. Our children look to some of the people they see on television as role models.


Father show us how to be a Light in the darkness so that our children will have good role models to follow. Help us to put you and Your Kingdom above our desires and not succumb to the flesh and the world.


Many of us substitute material things for that which is missing in our lives. We may be fooled by what the world calls self-esteem, believing things will make us feel better about ourselves and perhaps, people will value us more, envy or look up to us. We may perceive these as normal feelings to have because we see others having them, also.


We may be fooled by what some people call beautiful, handsome or sexy and want to change ourselves to be more desirable, but, Father, help us to see through the fog to the Light that always shines bright upon us with acceptance and love.

Father, you know that there is so much more going on in the world beyond these things of vanity. There is war, terrorism, murder, drought, starvation, slavery, rape, torture, oppression, discrimination, hate-mongering, addiction, suicide, imprisonment, sickness and dying and so much more. Yet, the enemy can cause us to lose sight of everything around us and become engrossed and obsessed with our own problems, relationships, desires, and insecurities. Often, we feel that there is nothing or little that we can do to help these situations. Remind us that healing begins with us. We pray that Thy Will Be Done, within us, on Earth and in Heaven.


Lord, help us to see that the only thing standing in our way to peace, love, joy, abundant life and eternity is us. Help us to bury our pride and return into the Light of Truth.


Father, you have allowed us to return into Your presence. It is a privilege to walk and talk with You. We are humbled, yet, no longer naked and in sin, but clothed in holiness and righteousness, privileged to commune with You, Father to child, and Friend to friend.

We thank you for this journey you have taken us upon to know ourselves better and come closer to You. Lord, as we pray for the sick, the lost and wayward souls, we also ask that You use us to share our experiences to help someone else, to comfort, to bring in the lost, awaken the sleeping, and increase the Kingdom.

Have Thy Way Lord! Use us as a trumpet in the land or a pillar to stand in Thy name. Help us to be bold. Keep our feet upon the straight path and our eyes upon Jesus, following the Mind of Christ our Saviour. Help us to rest and abide within your Holy Spirit.

We thank you for who You are, Father. We love you. We adore you. We accept your love, gifts and forgiveness. We accept our lives and who you have created us to be, believing that you know what is best for Your children.


We pray and ask these things in Jesus' most precious and Holy name. Amen.


You have an eternity ahead of you, my brothers and sisters. Take it with you and use it to glorify God.


Love eternally, your servant and soldier, united with the One,










Published by Mishael T