Everyone in today’s world is getting too busy in claiming that “our religion is superior than the others, the things our religion thought us can’t be thought by any other etc. like this way they have started a war to prove themselves best” but they never tried to think that there is no such a need to quarrel on these topics, everyone in the have their opinions, perspectives about this. Everyone need to believe that all religions are the same. we all are from the single source. 

Let me explain the whole matter by giving you the example of “Blind men & elephant”. may be everyone has heard this before.


It’s just a fact of perception and everyone has different opinion and beliefs.
Blind made some conclusions and we are the blind following the blind.

According to my perspective,

“We are living in the world that is unfortunately divided according to the different religions , everyone is following their respective one, it is okay & very good thing to respect your own religion, but my point is that it is not right to disrespect others religion just because of that, you are not following that. you should give them same respect as you are giving your own. According to me insulting others religion simply relates to disrespect your own religion & as I know no any single religion’s holy books such as The Holy Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, The Holy Quran, The Tripitaka & other describes this. They have been written with the aim of teaching the people “Peace”. No any religion thought the violence & not any religion is responsible for this, people do the violence & they are responsible for it.

“We unfortunately identify people by their religion, but my question is that, how can you say that we got different religious when we all smile in a same language..!”
Ridhdhesh Jivawala

“We all started our journey from a single source. a single road and towards a single  destination. Someone found some shortcut routes , developed different cultures , ideas and beliefs. And when they knew they can’t reach the destination , they themselves defined  destiny there itself. Someone are still making efforts towards the destination. Arguing with the  other fellow beings in the  other path about the journey which has true destination. But the fact is there are different roads and so are the religions but a single destination.


I hope everyone would realize this sooner or later..!

Your valuable thoughts on this things are welcomed.

-Ridhdhesh Jivawala

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