Hey guys! I'm back again! Hopefully my last post was as interesting and insightful as I thought it would be. Hopefully you learned a few things about the female mind and how it works.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Travelling. I went on my first airplane ride when I was two maybe? I went with my mom to Oklahoma for a family reunion. I went on my first roadtrip to Florida sometime later. When I got older we drove to Texas - which by the way is the longest car ride....ever - as an entire family. I flew to Texas with my dad a couple times too. When I was in fifth grade my dad's entire side of the family went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a family vacation and we returned three years later. I've also gone to Washington D.C. to attend the March for Life as well as Indianapolis for the National Catholic Youth Conference twice. My junior year, my mom and her best friend and my best friend took a train to Chicago for a couple days on spring break. I've also been to Ohio a few times, most recently, last weekend for another youth conference. So as you might be able to tell, I travel a lot and I love it.

From that first time I can actually remember being in an airplane, I knew that I never wanted to come down. I love every part from the takeoff, to the little packs of pretzels, to landing and feeling the wheels touch the ground. I love people watching in the airports and seeing nothing but clouds when I looked out the window from my seat. Flying just made me feel so free. Nothing else mattered when I was up in the plane and I could forget everything going on back home because it felt like I was a million miles away. I didn't have to worry about drama at school or anything. I was in my own little world. And maybe that's why I love it so much. Because I'm worry free.

There's just something about not being in my teeny tiny town in Michigan that gets me every time. I live in a town with one stop light, a grocery store, a McDonald's and not much else. So when I get the chance to go out of state or even to a different place in the state, it just makes me feel good. I don't really have words to describe the feeling that I get.

Even having to drive all the way to Texas from Michigan - including the million stops because I have younger siblings and even though we stop for lunch, ten minutes later they have to use the bathroom - I love. I like being able to see how the scenery changes as we get closer to big cities and then going through farmlands. A couple years ago we went to Texas and we started up in the Dallas area (yeah cool I know, Dallas in Dallas) followed by a drive down to South Texas and Mexico, then back up to Dallas for a night before driving to Galveston Island, stay for a few days, and then back to Dallas before heading home. Basically a roadtrip inside a roadtrip. But I loved it because A) I got to go to the beach and B) I got to see family I hadn't saw in a while and C) I got to see places that I hadn't saw before.

When I'm older I hope to get to travel a lot more. There are places in the world that I dream of seeing in person because seeing a picture on Instagram or Twitter is so different than being there in real life. Places I want to go include Italy, Greece, California, the Bahamas, Spain, England, and so many more. I plan on studying abroad in college so hopefully I can fulfill some of these dreams. As of right now I think I'm going to Chicago in August again and I'm pretty excited about that. So as it gets closer I'll end up talking about it more but if there are any places in Chicago that I definitely need to check out, leave me a comment or find me on Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Tweet me! I've been to the Navy Pier and the Bean as I'm sure everyone who's ever been to Chicago has but there's gotta be more to do!! Let me know!

Until next time homies!

-xxx, dallas

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