I should begin this post by saying that I am quite fortunate to have friends and family who are loving and supportive no matter what twists my life takes. They jump with me on my highs and hold me through my lows. So, when a very dear friend of mine gave me this book to celebrate an important event in my life, I had to share it! This book is a great gift to someone who is in need of a little inspiration or encouragement, or just a pat on the back to show your support, but also a fantastic read for your students, dear teachers.

Written by Craig Dorfman with artwork by Cristina Ong, I Knew You Could! is a truly special book. Using rhyme to make the journey one that flows quite seamlessly, Dorfman draws in his readers with thought-provoking life lessons that can be applied at the different stages in our lives. What I love about this book most is that it is relevant. It uses the symbol of  a train to chronicle a journey through life and along the way, likens a train’s experiences to bigger life experiences. The metaphors are rich and the similes just as compelling. This book is imbued with positive thinking that a lot of people can relate to. It draws attention to the harsh times we face in our life journeys, and positions hope and perseverance as the tools essential to get through the journey.It encourages the reader to be true to him/herself and rely on friendships and loved ones during hard times. It is a book truly that should belong on every shelf as the first piece of positive-thinking or self-help literature that one might own.

Teachers, do yourselves a favour and buy a copy. Not only will you love reading this to your students as you teach them valuable life concepts, but you will smile as you read this to yourself. Moms and dads everywhere, you might just want to head off to the store to pick a copy to read tonight to your precious little one(s). Trust me, you will be glad you did.

And to my dear friend (you know who you are if you are reading this), thank you for believing in me, and for this beautiful memento of inspiration.


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