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Throughout its entire development time; well since Capcom first showed the game publicly, ‘Resident Evil VII’ has been up against it,  I have seen the narrative that it “is not Resident Evil” and “it’s an outlast rip off” amongst other complete nonsense spouted by privileged gamers on message boards, comment sections and twitter.

Unless every single one of these people are employees/board members/designers of Capcom then they are taking their irrelevant voices to the internet and proclaiming; in a voice loud and true, “HEY GAME DEVELOPERS, I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU!”

OAnd it is an attitude that pisses me off no end!

Before I begin let me preface this by saying everyone has an opinion and there is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing a valid opinion.

Now like these people I play a hell of a lot of games and there are several franchises that I love! Unlike these people I don’t equate my playtime to expert knowledge on everything gaming related, because they are in no way interchangeable or intertwined to one another. I have no idea how a game goes from inception to final product and to be honest I don’t really want to know. It think it is absurd to use your game playing experiences as a metric on how correct/incorrect a developer is when they are creating THEIR new game.

What really irks me is that this attitude was everywhere about Resident Evil VII – imagine bombarding a game development studio was so much vitriol that they have to justify their new creative vision (in a series that had already had one major change in vision) to your audience! revii-headlineIt’s ludicrous! Its unnecessary and it makes us all look like lunatic children! I mean seriously, there’s a bloody change.org petition for a third person camera angle – that isn’t what change.org was made for guys!

All this nonsense can be traced to the day that the internet turned its back on the artist and allowed the rabble to win! Bioware set a dangerous precedent with ‘Mass Effect’ and now everyone thinks their opinion is more important than everyone else’s!

I completely understand the fear that occurs when a developer makes big changes to a franchise that I’ve enjoyed, hell it happened to me with ‘Resident Evil’. I remember when I saw ‘Resident Evil 4’ for the first time; it was not at all what I was expecting and to be honest I was really disappointed by that initial reveal – and yet when the game released it was (rightfully) proclaimed as one of the best games ever made; and it still is.

The reason I was so disappointed in the ‘RE4’ reveal is because I loved the original style games. I loved their look, their feel and their gameplay. Capcom had hand-crafted those games to serve a very specific function – and although I was worried; I knew that they had also hand-crafted 4. They had created a series of titles at this point that I loved and because of this they had earned my trust. I knew that there were no people who understood my franchise more than the developers, and that there were no better qualified people to continue pushing the franchise forward.

However on the internet you’ll see comments that read along the lines of “Resident Evil should have a third person perspective!” proclaiming this as the gospel according to RandomDickhead13 and calling Capcom out on how “they’re fucking up the franchise for all the fans”. I don’t remember electing RandomDickhead13 as my spokesperson; and if you did SHAME ON YOU! You have elected a man who cannot tell the difference between fact and opinion; it is his opinion that RE should have a third-person perspective (even though this goes against the evidence that it was originally intended to be a first person horror game). Again this is actually an opinion and not fact – you think it should have that camera angle but there is actually no facts to base that on! The developers are the ones who make that call; not you RandomDickhead13!

I also don’t understand statements along the lines of “Capcom obviously don’t understand what made Resident Evil so successful”. Do these idiots really believe that a multimillion pound company, who have been making entertainment for thirty years, don’t know how to gather and interpret consumer opinion? Of course they don’t. I’m being facetious but you’ll find comments like this absolutely everywhere people genuinely think that they know better than the CEOs of these companies. Who knew the internet had so many business majors and successful, multi-millionaire CEOs – crazy!

The best line I’ve heard though is people disregarding the game completely because “the demo was a PT rip off”. This is funny for two main reasons; reason the first is PT was a phenomenal demo that was super successful and created a cult following that got people talking; it would be crazy not to try to emulate that marketing strategy. Reason the second is that the “demo” was actually a teaser; easy to not know this I guess; it wasn’t like it was in the title…

…which is not representative of the final game. It is a proof of concept; and as such it was bloody fantastic!

Overall all this criticism of a game that none of us had played until 2 days ago is just thinly veiled “it’s not what I wanted” whines from people who are over-entitled and feel that the world revolves around them.

The next time you feel like jumping onto a message board to call out a developer for “messing up the franchise” – and this goes for any franchise and any developer -remember one thing; they are the artists and you are nothing but the customer.

Developers make games based on a collective vision; if you don’t share that vision then move on to a new series. A game existing that you don’t like is not the end of the world.

Developers don’t owe you a damn; nor should they change their vision because you don’t like it!

No amount of shit posting on the internet should change this!

How do you feel about this practice?

Have you ever called out a developer?

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