I sometimes allow my children to really get under my skin. They are only 9 and 5 years old, so it’s definitely not their fault when I find them annoying, but mind for not handling it as well as I should. I mean, there is nothing like hustling them together to drive them across town every weekday morning, completing a full day of work, fighting traffic in route to pick them up and finally walking into the front door of our apartment to the sound of my 5 year old whining, “I’m huuuuuungry.”


Are you effing kidding me?


How does a single mom deal with children being—well, children—at the end of a long day? I am an Executive Assistant so on any given day I have to deal with a team of people constantly in my face demanding something from me, in addition to one senior level person that I am entirely responsible for. In my spare time I am basically whoring myself on social media trying to get people to read my blog posts or pay a little money to see my live spoken word performances. Each day I am drained of my good cheer and self-esteem so by the time I make it to get some facetime with the kids my introvert has taken the wheel and doesn’t want to be bothered.


I love my little muffins, however—one negative criticism about not wanting pot roast for dinner is enough to make me explode. Two parent households exist for a reason and lord knows I don’t miss my shitty marriage but I do miss having another adult around to balance out the atmosphere. It’s ok that I don’t have that, I suppose. I do have wine…so that’s something.


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