She followed closely behind him struggling to find shelter from the rain under his small umbrella. They were greeted on a street corner by a flock of people each wanting the man’s autograph. The woman smiled proudly up at the man. “You’ve done so well, Tyler.” The man smiled down at the autograph he was currently signing and proudly said,
“I know.” The woman looked out at the crowd of people and couldn’t help but notice a man with a grimace on his face staring at her from the far side of the group. She frowned back at him, staring intently into the man’s tired brown eyes.
“Excuse me, miss? Could you take a picture of us?” The woman turned back to Tyler who was now surrounded by four beautiful young women. One held a camera in her hand and was holding it out to her. The woman’s proud smile returned and she nodded. Taking the camera in her hand she snapped a picture or two of the adoring fans with her finally successful Tyler. He’d worked so hard for this moment. “Thank you!” The girl eagerly grabbed the camera and began to examine the photo, her and her friends giggling wildly.
The woman stepped up beside Tyler and again smiled up at him. “You worked so hard for this. You’ve done so great, Ty.”
“I know.” Tyler responded smiling at the girls still giggling over the picture. “Well, let’s go.” He turned and began walking again down the quiet sidewalk. The woman turned to follow when someone grabbed her arm. She froze and turned slowly to see tired brown eyes staring back at her.
“’I know’ is all he says. If he already knows he’s successful and done so well and deserves all this then what does he need you for?” The man released the woman’s arm and nodded at her before disappearing into the rain. The crowd quickly dispersed and suddenly the woman was alone, a new pain growing inside her. And every time she recalled Tyler saying, ‘I know’ when she praised him the pain grew. He already knew he was everything she said he was. What did he need her for?
The woman stood in the rain, unable to move and no longer longing to be by Tyler’s side. She began to dread walking closely behind him struggling to find shelter from the rain under his small umbrella. She glanced up in the direction Tyler had walked but there was no one to be seen. Had he forgotten her so quickly? A voice in the woman’s head said, ‘He will be so hard to forget, but you’ll have to now. You can’t bear to hear him say ‘I know’ one more time.’
“I know.” The woman whispered before turning and slowly disappearing down the quiet sidewalk.

Published by Skyler Winder