It has always been my childhood dream to be able to travel the world. It’s my mom’s dream too.

I had my first boat ride when I was one, had my first airplane ride when I was three, had my first trip outside the PH when I was nine and I had my first boat ride alone when I was thirteen. I love travelling. I love that feeling when the plane takes off. Or that feeling when I’m about to step foot in another place where no one knows who I am. Or when I’m about to hear languages I don’t understand. Or when my taste buds are about to try a whole new dish. Or wander around and think “What if I’d get lost how will I find my way?” New faces, new voices. These feelings – they’re scary and exciting at the same time.

So, last October 2013 for my 18th birthday, one of my birthday wish is to go to Singapore. Thank you parents and thank You for making it happen!

Singapore is one of the countries in Asia with the highest economical status known for its tourism and a very diverse country with different languages, cultures and races consisting Malays, Indians, Chinese, Eurasians and other groups. As what I had observed, lol haha, these groups have their own locations in the country. Like the Indians, they’re situated in the purple lines of the train. While most of the Chinese are in the blue lines. Their train is the cheapest mode of transportation. It takes a lot of walking in Singapore to reach these stations.


The red banners signify the Diwali Festival celebrated every October-November (a Hindu Festival celebrated by the Indians)



Singapore is a small country in terms of its land area. However, they make the most of it by building high rise buildings and well thought out routes. It’s like they often innovate the roads. Haha no wonder there's not that much traffic in SG compare to Manila, Philippines. The maximum stay I had inside the cab was only about 5-6mins lol haha Singaporeans are very conscious when it comes to time management. They’re very hardworking and being late is no-no for them.

SG has brilliant architects and engineers! Every 4 years, they’d create and innovate something new to boost their tourism industry. Photos of Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Sentosa, SG flyer, Universal Studios SG, China Town.

If you're planning to buy souvenirs, go to their China Town. It's cheaper in there and also in Bugis Street. We also went to the Maritime Experiential Museum and S.E.A Aquarium. The Maritime Experiential Museum will bring you back to the memory lane during the voyage of Admiral Zheng He in search for spices. While in the SEA Aquarium, I was really looking forward to the dolphin show but sadly wasnt able to see it.



Published by Danna Javellana