FIVE YEARS AGO I was a woman in slippers, denim jeans and oversize T+Shirt decorated with print of a gigantic lion, walking down the street while hugging “VOGUE”. Oh, I remember, because my friend met me and noticed my big hug I gave to the – magazine?! Actually, I was surprised, too.

FIVE DAYS AGO I am woman with “VOGUE” in my arms, again, with no makeup #iwokeuplikethis and in action #sundaychillin…interesting.
What is going on?
What is the message in a bottle?

OK. What if I SEE BEAUTY (everywhere) which is good – salvation for my soul, and what if I’M TRYING to KEEP this beauty -meaning of my LIFE in my HANDS (don’t want to say in control, it sounds rough and irritating ). So, congratulations🙂

I wonder, does “Monclear” took inspiration for this advertising from one of the greatest Italian painters Botticelli? It could be so! I love “VOGUE”.


Published by Slavica Damnjanović