you’re still sleeping. Before your phone awakes—
marimbaing you from slumber. With your
chocolate curls falling gracefully across your forehead—
blanketing smooth skin underneath.
Thick eyelashes dusting the crests of your cheeks—
ballet slipper pink from the heat of our entwined bodies.
With your soft mouth hanging slightly open—
babysweet breaths spilling from raspberry lips.
Collarbones rising and falling—
bluish purple from harsh kisses. With your
butterfly tattoo resting peacefully in the skin
adorning your abdominals—
“it’s because you give me butterflies.”
A thin line of soft hair leading tickling fingers to lands
 obscured by secondhand bed sheets—
soft and thin from several washings.
Yes, I love you most when
you’re still sleeping. Before the stress of life awakes—
settling upon your shoulders.

Published by Jordan Trantham