There is a hymn written by Mrs. Annie Hawks titled ‘I Need Thee Every Hour’. Any more explanation of the sentiment of the song is not really needed. No matter what our situation, good or bad, we need Him every hour of every day. Many turn to God only in times of need. They seem to feel that if life is going fairly well they have no need of God. Others look upon Him as a crutch, something that is only needed by the weak. The truth is we need Him all the time.
Psalms 32:8 says, “I will instruct and teach you about how you should live. I will advise you as I look you in the eye.” (NET) When we understand that He is the only one that is capable of laying out our proper life path before us, we will realize that we need Him in every situation. Why wait until things are taking a turn for the worse. Look to Him even in the good times to ensure that those down times never arise.

Published by Ray Richards