My past has taught me to be a forever kind of person because if I’m going to invest in something I want to wholly invest in it.

I’m not a half two things kind of a person; I’m a whole ass one-thing kind of a person because if you don’t put your whole heart into something then there is no point in pursuing it.

Its gotten to a point in life where I don’t want mediocre relationships that will fade. I want realistic relationships that will last forever, not even only in love, but with friendships and relationships in general.

I want to be surrounded by people who make my heart pound because their presence makes me happy. 

I want to be around people who inspire me and make me want to be better and do better. I want to be around people who I know will be there for me forever through thick and thin because I will absolutely be that person for them. 

I want to be surrounded by people who actually want to be around me and don’t leave me wondering where I stand with them.

I want to be the old couple one day sitting on my front porch swing looking at the man next to me knowing this is my forever and knowing that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

I want to fall in love with him over and over until we’re old and gray. But I don’t want to stop doing things for each other, even when we’re 80 I still want to love like we’re 30. 

I want to be head over heels, and I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen a man order his wife’s favorite food even after she’s passed because he couldn’t stand eating alone and her meal made him remember her -on Facebook.

I know that forever kind of love exists and I want it. 

I don’t want to invest in relationships I know won’t last because to me there is no point. When I want something I want it for good and forever. 

I’ve had people come and go, but no one I could really see a future with and to me that isn’t worth investing in. I don’t want to wind up getting my heart broken if I know it isn’t going to last, if I know he won’t be rocking beside me in the future.

I want people in my life that make forever seem too short. I only want forever relationships because when I’m old and gray, I want the people by my side who will be there for everything. That is what matters most. 


Published by Doreen Eshinali