If it was first time for yoga this week... Well I got more first times...

I've been thinking about this matter for a very long time. It's hard for me to say why I didn't do this years ago, but I believe now is the right time. I've been exploring, myself and life generally so much, that I don't really see any point of being a member of something I don't underline at all. Especially now when I'm analysing the ethics and morals of transhumanism, I see myself drifting away from the traditional.


So whats the fuzz about --> I resigned from the church yesterday.  I should've done this 10 years ago, but somehow I always just postponed it at it wasn't on the priority list. Thanks to the free thinkers of Finland you can resign by using a web portal. It  took me around 1 minute to resign and I'll get the final confirmation within 3 weeks.

More I think about religion from my perspective --> I was a "habit christian". I belonged to the church event though I didn't go there ever or used any of their services.  During this blog post over 500,000 people have resigned from the church in Finland through the web service.

Evolving faith system or atheism?

It's hard to say if I'm an atheist or a science believer, because I don't believe in any of the major religions. If I would go for the closest one to meet my morals and ethics --> It's Buddhism. I have my own beliefs that are a mix of Philosophy and Buddhism and in the end of the day I think they are as good as any other. Only difference is that I keep them to myself. My beliefs make me sleep well and also they make me accept that dying is a logical part of life at the moment(For how long, that's something that will be featured later on in this blog).

"Dying is more probable then being born"

I've noticed during the years that my faith system evolves constantly and reading the following helps a lot:

  1. Stoicism
  2. Tommy Hellsten
  3. Buddhism
  4. Carl G Jung
  5. George Gurdjieff 

Perhaps we will never know the truth and in the end what is the truth? Everyone has their own truth that is sold to the masses, but in the end of the day your theory is as good as mine. If something should represent my view of life at the moment --> It's this quote from the great Neil deGrass Tyson:

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.”Neil deGrasse Tyson

Now that's what you can call beautiful <3

Why did I resign?

  1. Size of the universe - Amount of stars, universes, planets is astronomical and if planet earth is the only place where there is life --> I think that's a bad plan.
  2. Science and open minded - With a scientific mindset you keep yourself open to things. Our world is changing so rapidly that information is getting outdated all the time. If you can't question theories or what is written ---> You get stuck to patterns and give up the freedom to think for yourself. It's not about the right answers, but more about asking the right questions.
  3. Taxes - Why would my salvation require me to pay taxes for the church? I don't think that's a sign of great design if you need to pay something material to be saved. +  Large sums of that money goes other places then charity, which should be main target.
  4. Religion vs faith - Religion has brought our world a lot of pain and suffering from the beginning. It makes us hate and kill each other, and for what? Faith is something more personal and it has no need to think somebody else's faith is a threat.
  5. Transhumanism --> If our technological advancement continues at this pace I believe a version of digital immortality is possible during my lifetime. Why do we need to die? Why can't our conscience keep on living in a surrogate body or in virtual world just like our own. This is a broader subject and will be discussed in my blog more later on.

So it's a Nietzsche moment and I believe you know what quote I'm talking about.

What's your opinion?

How many of you belong to a church/religion, but never really practise anything related to it? Is it a habit? What's your thoughts on this topic?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your thoughts.  Does believing require you to be a part of a religion etc?




Published by Juha Petteri Falck