I realized something today. Love ends,

I saw it in the fifteen year Old kids who promised each Other forever.

Forever ended today.

I’ve seen it loads of time on my life. I see people saying forever young.

and having summer flings and claiming that their love is passionate

and eternal. Eternity was shattered today along with some hearts.

Love hurts, man. It really really hurts. But I also realized something else.

I don’t care.

 Love ends yes, but so does a good book. So does a day.

Everything in this world has to end. but just because a book ends. Do you not

read it? No one can escape a sunset. or the crash of a wave. No one

can escape the end. So yes, I want to love, even if it ends. Whether

it ends tomorrow or sixty years from now when take my last breath.

Because a book is only as good as its story. a day was only as good

as what you did in it. And our love isn’t about how long it lasts. our

love is only as good as the memories made. So my darling I want to

fall with you. Because our love will be incredible..!!


Published by Ridhdhesh Jivawala