To be quite honest, I’ve never felt like I had my own style. Plato’s Closet loves me because I literally have all my tags on things I take to them. I love Forever 21 and H&M and all that jazz but I love thrifting more than anything. To be honest I was always a little hesitant to wear stuff I actually wanted because all my favorite things came from the thrift store.

But now.. man I couldn’t tell you if it’s because David, my job, my amazing friends or just because it’s Tuesday, but lately, I’ve been so happy in my own skin that I’ve embraced my thrifting and really embraced the clothes I own. I’m on the no makeup wave too and my skin has been loving it.

So here’s a fit.. that is fully thrifted.. except for my vans. (thanks David!) yes.. my socks too lol

****I don’t photoshop any of my photos****

David took these for me at Cheesy Janes. If you’re looking for some great food and even better milkshakes.. ya welcome.


Flannel: Open Trails

Top: some workout bra called prospirit

Shorts: Old pair of Levi’s 550

Socks: Nike

Purse: Dooney & Bourke

Shoes: vans

Height 5’11


Published by Sydney Herrera