Who ran at the Hong Kong International Airport only to be left by the plane? ME. And my parents. Yep, we got left by the plane. You see, we got these tickets way back in February: Manila to Hong Kong then to Singapore. 5-hour flight. Yeah…we got it because of the airline too. Can’t pass up on a good Cathay Pacific deal! The thing was, our flight in Manila got delayed because of air traffic, and there were so many people at the transfer passenger area. 15 minutes before the transfer flight and I knew, I had to run. With only few hours of sleep (or lack thereof ‘coz this was after my shift at work), I mustered up all my energy and ran as fast as I could. It really was an adrenaline rush. When we got to Singapore, I only had a few minutes of sleep because I had to meet my friend. At that point in time, I really really JUST WANT COFFEE.

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