1Cor 3: 1-4 “Are You a Snoot?”

Preacher religion is alive and well in the world. We could name names of those men and women who others follow and proclaim they are “the best;” Just like in Corinth they say with their best snooty voice: “I belong to Paul and you don’t. ” Snootiness was alive and well in Corinth and it is today. This is not sin but carnality or immaturity which is evidenced in our attitudes and behavior.

Like the Corinthians  we are called, chosen, sanctified and saints. Therefore, we should be humble but instead we often are snooty acting like unbelievers----not called, chosen saints of God. The proof is in the pudding; divisions, quarrels and strife as well as elevating men above Christ.

Paul sets out to challenge them to grow up and quit depending on others to feed them because they have the mind of Christ! Paul now asks them and us as well, why are you still acting like little children and like unregenerate people instead of born again saints of God!  I want to feed you meat but your infantile behavior leaves me no choice but to continue to give you baby food.  Paul pinpointed the problem which was snootiness! They were puffed up and forgetting their calling! They were not discerning with their renewed mind of Christ.   

This is an ‘ouch’ to us as well. How often do we tilt our noses with an air of snootiness rather than a humility of spirit.

Photo: dreamstime.com 

Published by Gaye Austin