,,It don’t always make sense. Especially from the outside.”

I really didn’t want to talk about relationships, love and emotions, but I think I just got into a point, where I can and I am able to.
It all obviously started with our first “love experience”. We have so many beliefs, expectations, pink "naive" glasses on our eyes throughout the really beginning of relationship… and when it suddenly ends, it’s always up to people, how are they gonna respond/deal with it. Some people deal so quick and naturally with break ups, like moving on was an everyday thing. But some of them are stuck in the circle of madness for so long. We are going through so many phases through the whole period, it’s individual.

But anyway, I didn’t really wanna talk about break ups…in this point it’ useless and also too depressing and that’s not something I wanna analyze. After some “experiences” I realized, that I don’t really wanna be treated the way I was in past, because being here for somebody means being here for somebody for real and give them your attention as much as you can, thoughts, ideas, sometimes just a few words are something that is supposed to be there.

People are able to change for other people, but only if they really want. If not, you can even stand on your head or whatever and nothing’s gonna change, nothing’s progressive ‘s gonna happen. People are able to change, only if they are brave enough, resolute and last but not least, if they are not scared of it. You can’t even know how much it means to a person (who doesn’t really want that much) if you say to him/her a few nice and warming words.

In my opinion, people are expecting too much nowadays, noting’s enough for them.They want more and more every single day and then they are surprised when the other part leaves.
Equality is important. Nothing’s better than  a healthy respect between two people. Jealousy is also a waste of  of your time, if you believe in actions of your partner.
I know it sounds like a “perfect thing” right?
No problems, no fights.
But actually there are, because that’s a part of life and you can’t really omit it. Kinda rare these days, to have a normal relationship, am I right?
Women tend to pick the guys, who are a total opposite of their “dreamy kind”, or just because he offered himself and they just wanted to do that. Period. Yes, you know that this is really happening. There are also my favorite sentence?

,, We accept the love we think we deserve.

I don’t know, but after those negative experiences I’ve been through , at that time I was writing this, I've realized that I am just done trying. OK, not trying in general, but trying so hard. I decided to wait and rest a little, because you can’t even imagine how tired I was from all the drama and stress ( in combination with my major at university it’s asking for one gun and one bullet in it). So I was eager to just wait, because I had nothing to worry about.

When I was walking down the streets, anywhere, and I saw all the couples, being happy together, I caught myself not being jealous anymore, but yes that’s a big part of growing up, I guess. I was not ready at that particular second, but I am now. But, I am still here for me. This was just my point of view, there are 100 people with 100 different ways how to explain this, I know.

So, in conclusion, if you feel that you are able to change for a good thing and you really are concerned about it, do it with no regrets, because you are doing it partly for yourself, partly for him/her, with hope that the person deserves it.

This is no perfect and it will never be.
There will always be struggle.
You just need to choose who you wanna struggle with.

Good luck:)

Nina ∞ 


Published by Nina S