What does a day in the life of a single independent individual generally revolve around?

Wake up in the morning → (If not a morning person) drag yourself out of the bed →  Get ready for work → commute → work → commute →  reach home →  (depending on the day) Cook / Clean / do the Laundry / Run Errands/ other daily activities →  Go to bed (hopefully sleep after a daily dose of social media) → Again wake up in the morning →  (repeat the same cycle) →  Socialize or travel on weekends, etc. etc.

Individuals with partners and families usually go through their day around a similar kinda routine, more or less just with whole big load of added responsibilities. Some manage to make a healthy lifestyle and squeeze some yoga and meditation in the day, some find time for exercise, gym or running, some make it a point to maintain a theme of creativity throughout while some love to explore and travel on a regular basis.

Most of us go through a big chunk of our adult life without ever wondering, what happened to the dreams we had as kids?, the ambitions of our teen selves? what happened to the "I wanna be an Astronaut", "I wanna be a Archaeologist"? the dreams of being a doctor to help others, become a pilot and fly, may be become a fighter, a soldier or even a favorite superhero?

Some say, reality had those dreams for breakfast, some laugh them off  as a silly memory and others don't even remember how many things they wanted to be in the first place. I know I wanted to be a lot of things as a kid, but 2 years ago when I moved into my current neighborhood, I have had another ambition, a weird one, at least for those who have heard me saying it out loud, I wanna be a Tree.

Yup, you read it right, its not an editing error or to be taken literally but that's true. Here's why. The winter before last, I moved into this new place, close to a busy intersection but its a little away from the main road, where mostly families with kids and pets live in my apartment building so I like how its busy but not too busy. Gladly there are no concrete establishments in front of my building that would serve my paranoia of being watched every time I'm changing clothes or getting out of the shower. Hey! focus here on the article. There is a beautiful park though, one that has a kids's play section, a water fountain, beautiful trails for hiking and routes specially for biking.

My apartment has a nice west facing balcony. So I get an uninterrupted view of the sunset every time it's a clear sky. The view of  gorgeous green and rusty red trees, brings a sense of calm and tranquil to you. They say a walk in a park or just being around nature cleanses you and clears all negative energies in your aura. No! No! please don't just loose interest reading words like energies and aura, this is not a spiritual journey article (and by the way there isn't anything wrong if it was one), I am just telling you I am a first hand witness of the rejuvenation by walk among the trees thing they talk about.

There is this huge tree by my building, the branches and leaves of which I can see through my bedroom window. One breezy summer afternoon, I was standing in my balcony, sipping a cup of my favorite jasmine tea and  watching all the lovely people making the most of a day with amazing weather while fall was not too far away, when my attention was caught by this tree waving in the cool breeze. I realized this very ordinary looking tree that has nothing special going for it is not standing straight. It grows up on a right angle from it's roots and few feet above at some point at it's trunk it tilts at an angle very obviously accommodating my building and keeps going tall in the same angle so it doesn't interfere with this establishment and it's residents. A small compromise made by a ordinary tree so we cut down it branches and uproot it's friends so we can live there in greatest comfort. Okay, there is a bit of sarcasm here but my apologies as it's a sensitive topic for me.

Any one that has completed middle school knows that if trees wouldn't exist we would've killed ourselves as no one else can recycle the huge amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere and make more oxygen for us to breathe. Of all the living creatures on this planet if there exists a selfless being, that being is a Tree. It gives us the oxygen that we breathe, provides food, drugs/medicines, cools the general temperature around it, provides shade and shelter for all beings, is therapeutic to be around and all this and more while it lives. After it dies, we get wood to build houses, furniture, tools, paper and lots more. Countless things and endless sacrifices and none of it, most importantly, none of it for it's own self. It neither lives for itself nor dies for its own. All it does is help us survive and thrive.

So if someone tells me that angels do not exist, I have something to say to them, because no one is this day and age knows the selflessness that a tree embodies. This world, this beautiful blue world that cannot survive without this magical green needs to teach it's children the most precious lessons of life lie within the one that cannot speak but teaches by example. So I wish I could be as pure, as pious and as magical as a tree. I wish I could be a person that makes everything around her come to life just by being who I am. Whether its hot, cold, dry, windy or rainy a tree goes on doing what it does best, and I hope to be just like it, unshaken and undaunted, fulfilling my purpose, unaffected by the ever changing circumstances, oh! how I wish I could be full of love, full of life, a giver that is appreciative of one that nurtures and forgiving of one that exploits.  

So yes, not literally but metaphorically, now you know what I mean when I say, I wanna be a Tree....

Wouldn't you wanna be one too????


Published by Sneha Gaikwad