I want to run away with you. I don’t mean just for the night like a child running from her parents, I mean for as long as the world can carry us, until reality is clawing at our minds and eventually drags us back. I mean I want to get lost with you, in you. I want to find myself with you.


I want to leave our cell phones by the bedside and I want to take nothing but a rucksack and a Polaroid camera. I don’t want anything to come between us; I don’t want the life we leave behind to follow us there.


I want to get lost with you, in you.


I want to disappear with you. I want the world to swallow us up.


I want to sit in abandoned cafés drinking coffee with you as I scribble in my journal and you watch me with that loving curiosity in your eyes as I chew on the end of the pen, twirling the loose strands of my hair as I search my mind for the words to describe our days beneath the sun, lost in love but exactly where we need to be.


Let’s leave. Let’s run away from here, from all of the things that keep us from just being together. From losing time to the feel of our skin pressed together and learning every curve to each other’s lips. Our time on this earth is too short and our love too much for this lifetime. Let’s go, my love. Run away with me.


Published by Isis Grace