I’ve always dreamt of traveling the world; matter of fact, I have various Pinterest boards highlighting the places I want to visit. But could it possibly be that easy? Is the simple act of wanting to go somewhere enough will power to make it happen?

Spoiler Alert: the answer is yes.


I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Furthermore, I believe that anything is possible if you put the thought out into the universe. Pinterest boards are the 21st century equivalence of vision boards – as long as you treat them as such.

To date, I have been to a few islands in the Caribbean and 4 countries in Europe (favorite one being Italy) but there’s so many more places in the world to see and I won’t stop until I get to see them. I’m not capable of seeing all of these wonderful places on National Geographic and not seeing them with my own eyes.

Which brings us back to the Pinterest boards. I have specific boards for the different places I want to see and activities I want to do for every category you can think of:IslandsEuropeAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaOceaniaMiddle East,AntarcticaAsia – I even have boards for Road-trippingHiking, and Travel Tips. And I will make use of all of them.

I’m all about adventure. I’m also about good vibes and positive energy. So if my Pinterest boards as a collective is my life’s vision board then so be it.

Published by Bria Josephs