I need you. I need you to write. Anything, about anything. Short stories, from non-fiction and fiction, poems, reviews, letters, anything you can write. To inspire more people around the world to start putting pen to paper, and even typing, I have decided to start a literary magazine using Wattpad. Anyone can submit a piece of work and nothing will get changed on my side or Wattpad's, all right will be reserved to the authors.

You can include;

  • Short stories, fact or fiction
  • Poetry
  • Book Reviews
  • Film Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Letters
  • Interviews
  • Sonnets

There are no limits with how mature your piece is, e.g sex and gore. This literary magazine will be marked as Mature and depending on how graphic your work is, there will also be warnings just before your submission in case readers don't like that type of thing.

I'd love for you all to be apart of this project, so, please email myself with your submission along with the title, your name and your age. Check my about page for social media information if you have any more questions, and I will get back you as soon as possible.

Email down below;

email; literarymagentry@gmail.com

Published by Beth Gleghorn