I was given less then 48 hours to write a spoken word poem.

The day I opened my inbox and was asked to preform spoken word for the magazine The Catalyst at UCSB, I was thrilled. I said yes without thinking. And then I found out I had less then a day and a half to figure out what I was going to preform.

I decided I needed to write something, I could not use an old poem. I needed to write something new. Something I wanted people to really hear. 

Within two hours I wrote it, and after endless practice I was on stage in a crowded coffee shop with nose-ringed collage students spilling lattes all looking at me as I made a nervous joke about how I planned on memorizing it but would read it instead because I don't have that great of memory.

And then I spoke from the page. Knees and voice shaking slightly. My words winded down the page, gaining more stability in my the berth of truth. The latte slurping stilled. I could feel people listening. It was the most divine, richest, most satisfying food I have ever tasted.

When I finished I was applauded, and smiles poured from every corner of the coffee house. I'd like to believe that everyone there was listening. I'd like to believe that everyone on the block was listening.

But really, all you need is a few people who are hanging on your every word, to feel the greatness and worth of your words.

Maybe if we listened to one another day to day as if we were on stage with microphone in hand then we would allow truth to reign.

This is where revelations, ideas, peace is found. Through the door of our ears.




we learn to hate

to slice and maime

to choose our possessions 

and keep souls bound and chained


every mortal wants to be immortal

every one wants to be free

what is keeping us so imprisoned

is condoning bloodshed and greed


this is a love poem

for it’s within all of you

this is  a poem to god

for you are the holiest truth

this is the plea to the beast who

curses all darkness,

to ask the wolf to stop

drinking from this carcass


we enslave animals

and yet want to be free

the echoes of our light

have fallen undersea


to be told riddles,

to be bribed and lead

let your heart be your leader 

and stop living half-dead


your soul is your compass,

not skin, species, or gender

we’re infinite 

we’re full of magic

we’re rapturous in splendor


for we carry heaven 

in are palms,

in our eyes

stop looking to someone else to save and revive


we transfigure others through our words,

and all relations

the dreams that we each have are new revelations


it’s complete in this world

when one is attacked

from mothers, to man

from Texas to Iraq


we are all graced


the power within

stop believing that its possible

for an angel to sin


this isn’t a cry, this isn’t a yawmp

it’s you and me singing out what every soul wants,


is peace


take your head back out of their hands

and light up the stars with your scream


for we are the pieces of the map, we are the answer to the dream.








Thank you for reading, you are an incredible soul!




Published by Marley Korzen