The sun’s rays filter through the trees’ leaves and fall on my face. I am overwhelmed by a strong gush of wind, filled with the scent of the healthy forest and its rich soil. These thoughts run through my imagination and help me find an escape from reality. When I enter the region resonating with nothing other than nature; I feel a euphoric rush throughout my body.

The outdoors repel most of the people who’d prefer to be surrounded by a concrete jungle; within all its luxuries and comforts. However, just the thought of walking beside the gigantic river, over large looming mountains, through the lush green forest with the twigs and dried leaves crunching under my feet; gets me feeling very exhilarated. Indoors, my mind and body feel caged up and devoid of inspiration for creativity that nature provides me in abundance.

Life for me till now has been like walking across a river with really strong currents. New situations feel very overwhelming at first; but with fixity of purpose, indefatigability and will, I have learnt to use the rocks and pebbles as stepping-stones towards the achievement of my goals. The water has been freezing, its path slippery and unstable and very powerful. But even after falling, I have learnt to stand up and continue walking as the jouissance felt after triumphing over the difficulties and finally basking in the sun, enjoying its warmth is definitely worth all the hard work.

Published by Supriya S