Every day my baby cousin and I go outside and sit on the porch swing in the backyard and we say 'good morning' and 'hello' to the trees, leaves, and clouds. When we go back inside, we say good bye to them.

I think we should all learn to do that. Of course, not say hello and good bye to every individual tree but notice them more. Notice our world more.

This summer has been such a great one and fast as well! It flew by faster than my past summers. I think it is probably because I went outside more and ACTUALLY enjoyed summer rather than sit around the house all day on Facebook or on my phone being afraid of the sun and what may be out there beyond this sofa. I was out there. I spent less and less time on my phone. YES, I PLAY POKEMON GO and yes, I would occasionally post a status on Facebook but I am so glad I am not endlessly scrolling through and refreshing my feed every minute. (I recently wrote an article relating to this.) This summer, I was more productive. I exercised, jogged, biked, and went on walks around lakes or my neighborhood. I saw the different colors the sky can melt into. I saw many sunsets and I got a lot of mosquito bites.

I may not have traveled the world or gone anywhere special but that doesn't exclude the opportunities of going outside, sight seeing, and enjoying nature. I am proud of what I did this summer. I WENT OUTSIDE. I got very dark, and it wasn't even from purposely tanning or going to the tanning thingamabob. That's how you know you did something right during summer!

Published by Nee Vang