I exist. I am human. I…

What is perfection? It is merely a word that describes an unattainable standard imposed by mankind. There is no real meaning behind the word, apart from being the opposite of anything regarding humans.

Today’s generation strives for perfection just as the previous had done. However, do we really understand where this standard is situated? An analytical eye could very easily point out that the `perfection` had changed several times throughout the centuries. We seem oblivious to the fact that the perfection of the present day might be the fault of tomorrow.

I am the definition of imperfection. I…

People are not meant to be perfect. It is a lie. Human’s soul is haunted and their minds so twisted they cannot understand one another from time to time. And it is alright. Not only is perfection boring, but also a drawback – in a paradoxical way. If everybody is perfect, who would they look up to? Humans would stagnate, incapable of finding something higher than them. And if there are just a few who are perfect, what about the rest of people? Would they suffer, eventually, from an inferiority complex knowing they would never reach such a standard?

This standard that everyone is trying obsessively to achieve is, first and foremost, a means of manipulation – merchants, beauty gurus, designers. Self-consciousness is one of the most important problems our society confronts with. In order to be considered beautiful or handsome, one resorts to aesthetical surgeries.

If you ask me, beauty is about being confident and feeling so, not about having others admit it.

I am the child of Universe.

And why is there so much pressure on exterior perfection? We are much more than a shallow case. We have a soul, a judgement, hopes, and dreams. Our body shouldn’t define us – they shouldn’t be what we are remembered for.

Moreover, why does nobody speak about the spiritual perfection? It is true, only God is capable of such altruism, kindness and love surpassing any human ideal; but, at least it would fill humans with positivity! It would give them a purpose – an unattainable one also. However, it is honourable and such goal should be looked up to.

Perfection can be reached only if we refer to one person. You may seem perfect for your loved one, or you may be perfect for you. But no matter how hard we might try, we would never be universally perfect.

Never will I speak about perfection, but not only because I cannot reach it – also, I don’t deem it worth of my time.

I will never be up to this god-like standard. It is ok. For this life, though, it is enough.


Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd