Last week we had cyclones whirling through South Australia. The wind was awesome. And I have to admit it was a little scary too. As I sat by the fire-place while the wind thrashed against our little house I wrote about the importance of praising Yahuah, our Creator when we face the storms in our lives.

Whether it be a cyclone just outside our front door, or an emotional/spiritual storm in our life we need to remember one thing. Yahuah has the power to calm the storm, no matter how big.

I have experienced many storms in my life, as everyone has, and let me tell you Yahuah has never once left my side. It might have felt that way sometimes, but it wasn’t true. All along Yahuah was walking beside me and gently stretching out His Hand for me to take hold of.

Sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly and keep our focus on Yahuah when we are standing in thick fog. But in hard times we need to lean on Yahuah and take hold of His Hand. The fog will clear. Yahuah will lead us out of the storm.

Here are a few ways we can get through the storm with the gentle help from our King:

Memorize Scripture

Scripture can be a huge comfort when life gets stormy. Here are a few of my favourite verses: Psalms 91, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Jeremiah 29:11

Look On The Bright Side

Count your blessings and praise Yahuah for the things He’s blessed you with. Focus on the good in your life. Writing a list of things to be grateful for can really change your perspective in the difficult times.

Listen To Worship Music

fill your house and mind with worship music. Glorify Yahuah and praise Him with your voice.

Serve Others

Give your time to help others. Focusing on helping others in need will shape us into better servants for Yahuahs Kingdom. Serve others out of love, not obligation.

Keep A Prayer Journal

Write down things that Yahuah has shown you. Write letters and prayers to your King. Also it’s lovely to look back on your journal entries and see all the times Yahuah calmed your stroms and answered your prayers.

Published by Amber Endemann