I wish there was a guideline, to see what's wrong or right
I wish there was a guideline, to teach us not to fight
I wish we knew that strong ego brings out the worst
I wish you could hear me, through the broken walls
I wish that all white noise would vanish to the past
I wish that I had power to make a love song last
I wish for the sunshine in the light of dark, and for the peace of mind
I wish that we remembered that we are not one of a kind
I wish we would consider the troubles of our peers
I wish we had more courage. More courage to face our fears
I wish that we could spread our wings and wish that we could fly
I wish we could dream away and finally reach the sky
I wish that people would have kinder hearts
I wish that we would think before we say the words, as sharp as darts
I wish that out there there someone could wish the same
I wish that for a moment, I was not the only to blame
I wish that the web of thoughts would just come to an end
I wish that that somewhere an enemy became a friend
I wish for peace and happiness, and love for all out there
But really all these are simply wishes, I really hope one'd care.

Published by Karina Saakyan