Memories capture the special moments in our lives: the sadness of betrayal, the happy tears of reuniting with a friend, the smiles and laughter we share with loved ones and every milestone in a lifetime. Sometimes, when reminiscing about the past, a tone of bitter regret comes through our hearts and a voice of endless doubts enters our minds. Many people ask me if I had a chance to change something in my past if I would take it and if so, what would I change. The answer is simple: ​No, I wouldn't change anything in my past - because my past shapes my present and helps me build my future. And this is why:

No regrets: No regrets because at the time that things were happening in my life that is exactly what I wanted. So why regret something that I really wished for? If I regret my past, I would never be able to move forward and enjoy the present. So embrace it and learn from it.

Valuable Lessons: Life has taught me a few things on the way to where I am today. Without the mistakes of the past, I would never be able to see hidden opportunities in my life. Not everything in our lives is a given and one only learns appreciation through the mistakes they've made. Also, I am not a very theoretical person, so if I don't experience it ain't real and for that I have my past to thank.

Memories: Memories are the most valuable gifts of the past. They capture the most important moments of our lives. First time you fall in love, high school graduation and many more significant episodes and milestones. I wouldn't trade the memories I have today for anything. Although, they include as much as sadness as happiness, it is nice sometimes to take a walk down the memory lane every now and then.

Decisions: The decisions that I have taken in the past were my decisions. To wish to undo the past is like wishing to change your mind and decide differently. Indirectly this might mean that one would be inclined to doubt their own decisions in the past. As a true believer that one should always express confidence and be firm in their decisions, going back in time is not an option.

Responsibility: One has to be able to take responsibility for each action and its consequent reaction. Need I say more?

So, yes I would never go back in time and change my past. Next time you think about changing anything in your life - just take a moment and think whether it is really about changing your past or more about embracing the present for the better future.

Published by Karina Saakyan