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My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 188

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians

Genre: Erotica, Sci-fi Romance

Rating: 4 smexy stars

Review: Georgie was having a normal night after being at the bank. She went to sleep as normal but started having a horrible dream where aliens had abducted her. Turns out that it isn't a dream and that she really was abducted by a bunch of 3ft-4ft aliens. She then is knocked out. When she comes to she is in a cell with five other women. They are guarded by orange aliens who have basketball heads.

Georgie and the other women, mostly Georgie, decide to fight back. When Georgie goes against one of the basketball heads the ship starts to go down. The crash onto a planet Georgie calls Not Hoth. The other girls nominate her to go out and search for help. When she does she comes across Veltak who recognizes her right away as his mate. 

Georgie goes on a wild journey across Not Hoth with Veltak to help save the other humans before the Green aliens come back to claim them. 

I liked the story. It was strangely addicting. I need to know what was going to happen. I kept picturing Veltak as Mark Wahlberg only as an avatar.  My favorite character so far is Liz. The next book is her story. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Published by Jay Belmudes