The glittering metropolis of Cape Town is known for its natural beauty, multi-story building, exciting nightlife and culinary arts. Regardless the purpose of the tour, Cape Town has the ability to address all the needs of different types of tourists.

You can plan your tour in this offshore South African jewel if your purpose of visiting the city is exploring the natural beauty of Cape Town. Meanwhile, if you just want to hang out for few days with your friends even then you can choose this city. Cape Town holds some amazing nightclubs where you can taste life in a completely different way. You can also consider participating in the exciting beach parties in Cape Town as well as in the surrounding suburbs.

Apart from that if you are an adventure sports lover even then you can opt for visiting this city. From snorkeling to paragliding and underwater diving to riding cable cars, there are several activities that you can perform during your Cape Town escape.

However, in a big metropolis like Cape Town, it often becomes really difficult for a tourist to decide where they should visit and where they can skip. The problem becomes more challenging especially when you are on a tight schedule. The purpose of this post is to address the same query of tourists. So read on and come to know about the 4 most attractive spots that you must hit during your Cape Town escape.

Cape Point

If your purpose of visiting the city is exploring the natural beauty of South Africa then you should not skip this iconic spot. Cape Point is situated in the Cape Peninsula so you can also enjoy the exciting view of the sea from Cape Point.

Muizenberg Beach

This iconic sandy beach is located in the coastal suburb of Cape Town. The beach is mainly popular for surfers. So, if you like water sports like surfing then you should pay a visit to this beach. You can also hit this beach if you just want to get a good swim in warm water. 

Table Mountain

This is the most popular tourist spot and also the most recognizable landmark in Cape Town. So during your tour, you must visit this mountain. Adventure sports lovers can take a hike to get to the top of the mountain. However, lazy people can take a cable car ride in order to reach the key point of the mountain.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

This place is located in an amazing junction of the Atlantic shore, Table Mountain, and Table Bay. Some of the best South African nightclubs and pubs are located in this location. So, if your purpose of Cape Town escape is to hang out with your friends then you should definitely pay a visit here.

These are top 4 iconic destinations that you must visit during your South African escape. Tourists are always suggested to book online a holiday accommodation in Cape Town before visiting the country. The city is known for its crowded nature so it would be difficult for you to get an affordable accommodation in Cape Town if you visit the city first and then try to find and book a hotel. So, this is all for now. Hope the post will help you to make the most of your Cape Town tour.

Published by Harris Scott