This article is originally posted in my blog ( I wrote this poem for someone. I actually got inspired to write again because of him. Re-reading this poem makes me want to unpublishe it... But I can't, so I 'll try to put an answer to this poem by writing another one which I'll be posting soon. Here it goes.. I'd like to go back I want to forget I'd like to be my old self I want my heart back I want to go back I want that smile I had to fake When you're just a stranger And I'm a nobody to you I wish we didn't talk I wish you didn't make me smile And make butterflies fly I wish I don't feel this way I wish I didn't fell for you And I wish I haven't met you. But oh, those wishes don't make sense For my life is completely different without you, now I want that loving, that longing and all that missing feeling I want that smile you brought to my face Everytime you say my name and those silly jokes you play I want those butterflies flying when you sing and say my name I want that silence between us that shatters my screaming heart I want every milisecond time I've spent thinking about you I want that genuine response when i hear your name It makes loving a little bit easy and hard at the same time. And I will never wish a life without you.. In my heart you'll stay even when you walk away. ❤K.S❤

Published by Kim Serapio