Most of us choose to not think about our cars that way, but for the amount of time we spend in them and the speed with which we drive them, they are incredibly fragile. Indeed, when you think about it, a small contact with an insignificant object like a grocery cart or a garbage bin can damage the body of your car and leave your carrosserie sans peinture to the point that it requires costly repairs. If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, don’t panic too fast: paintless dent removal is here for you.

What is It?

Paintless dent removal is a technique that was developed fairly recently in the automotive repair industry and that is utilized to fix dents and dings on the body of your vehicle. The main features of this method are that it’s a lot faster and cost significatively less than the alternative (among other things). The reasons behind these non noticeable benefits is that a paintless dent removal basically requires just the expertise of a single car mechanic who uses specialized tools and light to get behind the dent and push until it comes back in place. If everything goes according to the plan, a paintless dent removal will make your car look exactly like it did before the accident by restoring the vehicle’s original design and contours.

Can This Technique be Used to Repair All Types of Dents?

The good news is that paintless dent removals can be applied to over 80 percent of dents and dings which could impact a car or a truck. This really is actually a welcome news for car owners that have any work to get done on their vehicle's body, but don't want spend a large sum of money to repair it or even to go through a massive hassle. A paintless dent repair can be carried out economically and fast. However, there are a few dents that are Simply too big, or too serious to deal with for this technic, particularly those that cover a large surface of your car's body or dent so deep that the paint has been damaged.

How does it Work Exactly ?

The first step that every professional mechanic will do is evaluate the damages done on your vehicle to make sure the dent can actually be fixed with a paintless dent removal.

Unfortunately, dents made on some spots and on some common materials (like plastic) can't be repaired using this method, so there’s also that to consider. If the damage can in fact be fixed with a paintless dent removal, the next step is to leave your car with professional.

Why Should You Go for a Paintless Dent Repair?

The benefits of doing a paintless dent removal to take care of a damage on your vehicle are significant. These are the most significant:

  • It's a low cost procedure;

  • It take less time than conventions car repairs;

  • It can be used on most surfaces


One of the best characteristics of paintless dent repair could be the minimal price tag. It is considerably less costly than other procedures, and paintless dent removal enables you to fix the scratches and dings on your own vehicle without having to worry about a receiving a hefty invoice.

Time Efficiency

An additional benefit of paintless dent removal is how fast they are. If the car mechanic or the company you’re going to has an opening to you, you can have your dent fixed right here and there in a matter of hours.


The paintless dent repair technique could be utilized on most materials that comprise a car, such as steel and aluminum. Regardless of the make and the brand of the vehicle you have, a paintless dent removal is potentially a good option for you is the damage on your car is not too extensive.

If you need to make something on your car disappear, consider a paintless dent removal first before turning to more time consuming and costly alternatives.


Published by Charlesa Gibson