I went to the Kennebunk Community Market a few weeks ago, and I saw another author selling her books. Hello? Great idea! She was very kind and answered all of my (zillions of) questions about how she got started and such.

I loved how she set up her table, how visually appealing it was, and spent several minutes admiring it. I am always looking for ideas for how to arrange my books and paraphernalia, and I take my inspiration where I find it.

This is Kimberly Sue McLaughlin, author of Come Running When I Call. I know this book is about a girl and her horse (because I talked with the author and read the cover!) but I haven't yet read it myself. It is on my list! I love reading books by local authors, especially those that I've met.

You'll know when I've finished reading it because I will post a review of the book right here on my blog.

You don't have to wait for that though! You can order Come Running When I Call right now on Amazon.com: 

You can also buy my book, One Brave Thing!

Both books are also available on Kindle right now. ENJOY!

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