If you are planning to have a great boho wedding, there are some things you should consider. For your boho wedding to be outstanding, memorable and great, nature and a natural touch should be a part of it. 

However, you will have to plan it well, consider all the available venues and engage a boho wedding planner instead of doing it yourself. The beach, festive field, the woodland or a strange venue are some of the most common boho wedding venues although you can do it in a church or a local restaurant if there is enough space. How can you make your boho wedding special? Here are some tips on how you can do it:

1. Venue

An ideal boho wedding should be held outside on the beach, in a park or in farmland depending on your budget and preference. You can have your reception either indoors or outside depending on the weather or what you prefer. However, if your reception is indoors, the décor should have a natural look and touch.

2. Attire

Since the wedding might be held outside, the attire is too formal with the bride wearing a lace dress that’s easy to walk in. you can buy a boho chic wedding dress because they are easy to walk in outdoors and if they get dirty they still look great. I personally love wedding dresses because of how elegant, affordable & practical they are. A bridegroom can wear a colored suit, a shirt, and a bow tie and he will look great. 

3. Flowers and décor

In most cases, the décor of a boho wedding brings the outside within. Therefore, your ideal boho wedding should have huge greenery and floral installations to make it beautiful.

4. Photography

The photographers should emphasize on nature rather than the bride, the bridegroom and invited guests. Therefore, most of the wedding pictures will mainly focus on the natural elements of the day. To capture these moments, you will be asked to pose in tranquil locations.

5. DIY elements

If you would like your wedding to have a personal touch, you should incorporate some DIY elements. You can have your own flower arrangements or use your creativity to have a different seating arrangement.

6. Music

Music is a necessity in a boho wedding and you should make the right choice. You can have a DJ, hire a band or create a playlist that relates to your wedding theme.


7. Food

In a boho wedding, Bohemian food and drinks should be prepared. You can share your ideas with professional chefs and caterers to help you choose the ideal meal and drinks. The food should be prepared from basic ingredients to be special and appealing.

8. Theme

Your boho wedding theme is mainly determined by your attires, creativity, and preference. There are plenty of boho wedding themes and with the help of an experienced wedding planner, you can make the right choice. The wedding dresses should blend with the theme while the suits or invited guests can wear specific colors to amplify the theme.

9. Transport

You can use cars/a limo or a horse-drawn chariot as a mean of transport. You can choose the means of transport by considering the location, the attire and your budget. There are wedding planners who can help you find a professional company that offers boho transport services. Therefore, plan in advance with the help of an expert.

10. Wedding invitations

Friends and family members should be a part of a great boho wedding. It is important to limit your invitations to close friends and family members only to have a great time. If you have enough space, you can ask your friends to bring other friends or add other friends to the list. Finally, you need to consider your budget when planning your boho wedding to avoid straining or making bad choices. 


Published by Daphenee Plaisir