How do you come up with ideas for a story?

Does it just come to you out of the blue, does a dream inspire you, or do you watch or read a book and think, 'I can write something like this, but better'?

I like to think that all of those things that were just listed help me to come up with a story idea. I've woken up from dreams before and had the mad passion to start writing. I've read a book and felt inspired to write something similar because I loved their idea, but I wanted to write something the same but different. I've also just had an idea come to me from no where and marveled at how great it was. Then I had to write it. 

Ideas can come from anywhere at anytime. It can happen when you see something down the street or at the most inopportune time. I think a writers greatest tool can be a phone. I know some writers like to carry a notebook around and a pen, but in this day and age of technology, our trusted phone is one of our greatest partners.  I've been sitting in a bus before, had an idea, then quickly tapped it out on the notes area of my phone. I've researched something on the internet using my phone, even taken a picture to be able to describe the area I wanted a scene to take place in. 

The worst thing we could do is to squash the idea until later. Whenever or wherever an idea hits us we should write it down so we don't forget. How many of us have had an idea, but been too busy, whether it be at work or something else, and thought, I'll remember that later? Then when we try to remember it, we only remember parts and end up getting frustrated with ourselves because of that? Whenever an Idea hits WRITE. IT. DOWN.

I've heard that J.K Rowling scribbled down the characters names for Harry Potter on a sick bag on a train. And look where she is now. Never under estimate the power of inspiration and never, never, curb it until later. Let it flow, get lost in it.  Ask for forgiveness if you show up late to something because of it, cause in the end, we don't want to miss out on the idea that could've spurred us into being published! 

Happy writing!

Kyle Ricketts




Published by Kyle Ricketts