Just a little post today – about Idols.. These amazing creatures we look up to and aspire to.. create yourself into an idol for others, what do you what to be remembered for what do you want to be seen as?

My parents the pair of them are just amazing. (see precious papa and marvelous mother posts) they are my idols as well but when it comes to athletics and my hobbies. my idols are many athletes such as Mo Farah, Jess Ennis-Hill and Katrina Johnson-Thompson all my absolute faves.

Below are some pictures of my faves my idols – lots of Jess when i met her and went to watch her at the manchester games. 
One of Katrina, also Mark Lewis Francis and one below of when i ran with Linford Christie and Darren Cambell. I also adore Dina Asher- Smith, Colin Jackson and Paula Radcliffe.
I may not do the same events as these people and some of them dont even comptete anymore but they have all meant something and stuck with me for parts of my life. Like some of them wished me happy birthday, some of them i have met and some of them i have ran with and that will stay with me forever.

Now i am into the world of blogging and vlogging there are many people and idols i love to follow, my favourite idols and people to follow on social networking sites are below (just to give you an idea, i will also be doing a favouritie followings blog soon so you can see who i love to follow and you can then go follow them yourself! So lets begin most of my idols are women there is no reason for this but its isprobably to do with being able to relate to them better  so the ladies are; Adrienne Tmm, Aliceldmn, Dannielle Armstong, Lolo Jones, PHFit, Zanna Van Dijk, Brittany Dawn, GraceFitUK, Hazel Wallace, Progress Pure, Elle Darby, Chessie King and NutrifitJess. All these women are idols of mine lots of them within the fitness industry but some of them i idolise just purely becuase oftheir attitude to life and way of thinking i want to be like that! 

I think anyone can be someones idol if you admire then for something they have done and aspire to be like tham in a way then they can be your idol..
Who are your idols?

Who are your faves?

You do you admire?

Leave me a comment below..

Much Love J x


Published by Jaydyne Overton