anigif_mobile_0568cbdca0aa84a8967c8a12456724a3-5We’ve all been in situations where we’ve wanted to excel. We’ve wanted to stand out from the rest so that we can land that job, or win that competition. But what happens when you have tried your very best, and it didn’t appear to be good enough because you didn’t achieve the expected outcome? I (Steanne) started thinking about these things as I am currently on my final placement at uni. So many of us would ideally, like to get a job or be linked in with potential employers through this placement. But the reality is that it may not happen. Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to give up completely because it seems so hard to accomplish, but it can definitely be disheartening. Being on placement/on an internship/apprenticeship can be very stressful, because you always want to do things to the best of your ability. You also want to be seen as a competent and potential candidate to your potential employer.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Well, with these thoughts going through my mind, I’ve been inspired to talk about challenges, set backs, and stress, and how we can utilise these to our advantage. Basically, if you’ve had a rough time getting into a particular position, or are stressed about it, Merry and I are hoping that this article may help you look at things differently.
2007-BritneyFirst thing to address: stress. We all experience it on the daily. Some people are better at managing it, and some people end up with bald patches and/or drunk because of it. However, stress isn’t always a bad thing. The right amount of stress keeps us alert and motivated. For example, some of you may have played in a sports grand final, say, basketball. You may have been nervous, and you may have been jittery for the first few minutes of the game. But after the initial nervous bodily reactions, your mind was focused, and you were in the zone. If you couldn’t relate to that scenario, then this one is for you, my procrastinators. You might be given a deadline 6 weeks from now, and you may endeavour to get things done before then… but you don’t. You know why? Because you secretly love the pressure of having to get things done 24hrs before your deadline. You might hate yourself for it, but deep down you know you’re at your best when you’re under pressure. So really, stress isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be your secret weapon, as long as it hasn’t made you into a hot mess.

However, most of the time when we think of stress, we don’t think of it as our friend. We think of sleepless nights, crappy moods, weird bodily reactions, and basically, pure agony. So when you do find yourself in a hot mess... continue reading here

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