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I was thinking about starting this post with some heartbreaking quote about friendship but then I realized there are so many that I will not be able to choose ‘the right one’. And you have a possibility to read all of those quotes next to the pictures on Facebook posted by 13 year old girls with unavoidable hashtag bff or friends4ever anyway, so… Actually, back in my time these were 13 year old girls, maybe now these are 10 years old, I am not really good with following this new generations. However, I have to admit that I was also one of those 13 years old addicted to nice quotes who thought her friendships were going to last forever. Guess what, most of them didn’t. But guess what, that’s really ok.

Since the time when I was decorating (read: violating) Facebook with my bff and friends4ever photos, until today, I started and ended so many friendships that I can’t count them on the fingers of two hands. It used to happen a little bit more often back then and it happens rarely today. It used to happen because of usual childish nonsense, today it happens because of a little bit more complicated and a little bit more grown up (but still) nonsense. This way or another, thanks to the people who were here when i was 13 and are still important part of my life, as well as those who  became really important to me during these years, I can say that all of those failed friendships were great school of life. School of life based on which I built my definition of friendship. Definition of friendship which I didn’t change for some time now and I don’t think I will do it soon (or ever again).

In fact, this definition is more like long boring definitions in university books then those simple definitions in elementary school, but I am known for complicating the simplest thing so…

For me the real friend is a person who is always there for me. The person who I can call at 1 am in tears, but also spend hours laughing while drinking wine.

For me the real friend is a person who will never be happy when I fail nor jealous when I succeed.  The person who I know wants only the best for me and who truly shares my happiness with me.

For me the real friend is a person who knows I would never hurt her with my actions and who would know how to forgive me if it ever happens. The person to whom I could sincerely say when her behavior bothers me and who would respect that.

For me the real friend is a person with who distance means nothing. The person who I don’t have to see or talk to every day, but I know I can call her at any time of day and talk about absolutely everything.

For me the real friend is a person who recognized herself/himself in this ‘short’ definition while reading it, and what is more important, who can apply the same definition on me. Because friendship is relationship between two people. Relationship in which you get what you give. And if you give all of you, you get all from your friend. As simple as that.



To my friends, who I am really glad and thankful to have in my life wherever they are at the moment.

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