What is up peeps? Who is ready for another story? Sooo...exciting, I have been talking to some guy BUT it is so casual I don't even know what is happening. That is the problem. Ever have those ones where verbally you both say it is casual and the more you say that the more you want to believe it, but really when you are together you act officially together? It is frustrating and confusing. Anyways he called me and left me a voicemail saying he wants to hangout.  So I did what anyone would do, and that was call back. He did not answer so I left a voicemail back acknowledging his invitation.  You're probably wondering, what's the problem then? Well let me telly you.  I did not really think of anything of it until a friend said something.  But is it true? Is he ignoring my calls? I am frustrated.  So I acted out and went on a hike with one of my guy friends.  He is an a small screen actor.  I put a snapchat of us on my story...  Yes, it was childish, but in the heat of a moment you just kind of react so I reacted. I am still waiting to hear back, if I do.  I will keep you posted. 



Published by Lauren Emi