Earlier this year I was in college. And have been in and out of collage the past 4 going on five years. Not saying I have given up, yet I have stopped working hard for a piece of paper that has no sturdy foundation. You see my dad went to college. An HBCU, and he never finished; and that was always his regret. He pushes our family to be better than what he was around our age. As he rightly should being the awesome parent that he is.

 Simply… I can say for myself that my dad’s fatherly principles have rubbed off on me.

My goal is to take care of my family making sure they have better then what I’ve had. And for a lot of Americans (and non-Americans) an education is their only key. No matter how long you will be in finical debt after the fact.

Just as long as you can get a certified paper representing an educational level or degree you have exceeded in a particular subject of this world that you have taking a liking too.

This stigma of choosing your life, while so young;

And living what you have chosen then for the rest of your living life is an ongoing stress meter. It seems so boring and none realistic to me. Being an African American Female citizen didn’t make it much easier.

They think we are ruff, dumb; only good for secular music, athletics, and a good home cooked meal. Embarrassed to represent myself in any way other then what I was made to believe I should be. I dreamed, of being the dopiest WNBA all-star people have ever seen.

A 5’5 light skinned beast that would be dunking on everyone; the first female to ever dunk in the league. Then there came Brittany Garner, and down went my dreams. Even though what was already built inside of me, has already designed me to become someone totally different. Instead of exercising what I had already inside, I started to cripple who I never thought of becoming.

You see The God I serve allows me to see and search for things so differently. Of course I know this is all about keeping us under finical or mental bondage. “They say you are dumb if you never finish college; A drop out; Worthless; Will never amount to anything higher than what we see. Or that you are in a below average percentage of humans whom I see walk on the same ground as me as well as breath in the same air as I do. “I can list 100 people who became who they we’re destine to be, not by a degree, but because it was placed in thee.

I believe anyone can be taught when willing to learn. And that equally everyone should receive the same opportunities. If A college education is going to be something that is required in our job descriptions. Everyone should be at equal reach of that opportunity. No matter how much they try to cover up this ugly picture. There are more jobs being taken by those that are privileged enough to afford education vs. those who have to pick weather they feed their family or to be taught a degree that does not promising end? Life is not always fair as it should be, and its not fair to be turned away from a job requiring a degree you could never see. Leaving us hopeless in a world where growth is required.

Unless it was free, to all of the community. Just as a public school is, and a public college should be. Equity is the sister of equality. Until we place what is missing in the place we can see the trouble. There will never be equality. No matter your race, gender or age. It starts with We!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews