Oh dear King Jesus,

If I came and sat at your feet would you oh lord notice me?

As I rejoice just to be in your presents; would you do away with me, as if my body is not clean; not cleansed from the sin that putrid from guilt and shame? Would you still prepare a place for me? When I was lonely, did you hear me? Do you ever get lonely being king? In Such a high place for just one being…. You are king of all kings, does it get frustrating when those whom clam to love and desires to be as ye, don’t follow up to meet what has been placed to read. The Biblical instructions before leaving earth; the bible is this gift of knowledge passed on from prophets that you trusted. If you could choose in the 2000 century, could it be me? Lost in grift of what I should be, what I could be, and what I am trying to be.

But it’s you that reflects in me. You’re light that was placed in me, that’s what others can see. I want to be like the Great almighty king. Yet not the king, that crown was only made for you Jesus, I desire to never take your position, place, as I’m am to filthy to even bother. But you, you Jesus; make me worth it, without you I am worthless.

I guess I don’t have 1000 questions to ask.  Just a thank you for being so brave. Thank you from strengthen me when weak, for carrying me when I lose control of the lead. Thank you for protecting me, even in the times I was covered in sin, you our father have cleansed me. Because of you almighty king, I too, can be free!




a spirit you have set free..  


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews