On some moonless nights, the darkness overtakes my soul and fills my heart. This heavy painful load overwhelms my mind and fills my purest thoughts with gloom. It distances me from my colorful dreams, and turns them to vanishing mirage. It drastically brutalizes my worst nightmares, and takes me with steady steps towards those horrifying nightmares.

On those nights, my fears revolve around loneliness. I fear my blurry shade, and my spreading melancholy. On those moonless nights, I escape my grieving heart by searching for relieving company. It might be the company of a movie, or a sincere friend, or my own mind.

On those long nights, the thought that passes my mind the most evolves around my existence. I always wonder if life would have been easier without my existence. I usually question if people would have been merrier without my company. I mostly imagine an accident which would take my life, and save the world of me...

Published by Abeer Ghander