Yesterday I had a pretty invigorating talk with three very influential women in my community. Somehow, we got stuck talking about my generation: Millennials. There’s a lot of interesting things you can pick up on just from conversing with others. I was surprised to be enlightened about my very own peers, and even myself. And these perspectives were very refreshing.

It was interesting to see three women in preceding generations give me some insight on how they viewed my peers and me. I had always thought that the generation(s) ahead of us had deemed us as untrustworthy, lazy, and addicted to technology. But after conversing with these ladies, I saw that maybe the generations that had preceded the Millennials saw something else.

These women spoke with utmost respect for our ability to adapt (to technology in particular), but they also mentioned that our generation loves challenges. And I believe this to be true. Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to address challenges with grace and tenacity. And it’s a group that I’m proud to be a part of. Our ability to challenge ourselves and seek out new experiences is what’s currently pushing us ahead of the preceding generations….and it’s scaring people. Job security suddenly doesn’t seem so secure when Millennials are fresh out of college and used to pulling all-nighters with the help of their beloved Starbucks.

We don’t always necessarily believe in the typical system, and we tend to bend and break the rules as we deem fit. Some of us choose not to go to college, as we get pretty solid gigs right out of high school. Impressive, if I do say so myself. And others of us have taken gap years to go backpacking in Europe, or wander to other areas of the world. It’s all pretty crazy, because up until now, seeking a higher education has always been the norm. And the world is kind of having a hard time adjusting to the Millennials hating on the standardized testing systems and breaking the typical 9-5 job cycle.

But the thing that I was most proud of my generation for, was the fact that these ladies admired our ability to believe in ourselves. They never blatantly stated it…but with the other things they were touching on, I could tell. They told me that people don’t give our generation enough credit. And that’s true. We’re doing amazing things. I’ve witnessed kids from my school make the Olympic Trials, go to National and World yo-yo competitions, audition for The Voice, go to Princeton, start viral YouTube channels spreading veganism with well over 25,000 followers, become professional photographers and videographers for weddings and camps, and basically do all of these incredible and innovative things….but the preceding generations sometimes brush it off. Maybe it’s a lack of awareness, or maybe it’s because the world is switching to become more online-based. I don’t know…you tell me.

I’ll leave you all with this: If you aren’t a Millennial, you should be scared. In fact, you should be terrified. Because my generation is taking the world by storm. And we will stop at absolutely nothing to get exactly what we want.

Published by Mattea LinAe