There is one great video from even better author who says “If you don’t want to do something don’t, but don’t criticize someone who does it successfully”. MEANING? Meaning, if you don’t want to study, don’t study, but don’t criticize someone who studies and has good results. Meaning, if you don’t want to work out, don’t work out, but don’t criticize someone who looks like Greek god. Meaning, if you don’t want to try to do something with your life, don’t try it, but don’t criticize someone who tries to make their dreams come true.

Today we live in a world where there are lots of successful people. By that, I don’t mean successful people like world-known women with curves on the right places who smartly cashed those curves (yeah, I just called those women successful because you need to know how to do that) or founders of social networks (that connect people who live hundreds of miles away but tear apart people who type while sitting next to each other), but also people around you, around me, around all of us.

You know, that three years older guy with glasses who went to your high school and you used to make comments about him never finding girlfriend because he was so obsessed with IT staff (which he understood at age 14 and you don’t understand it even today) and today he works for famous international IT company. Or that girl who was always considered stupid because she was training 0-24 while you were saying how she will fail in life and that her parents are crazy for letting her do that, and today she is a professional sport player who almost got on Olympics and she is doing great.

However, even though there are more and more successful people every day, when we listen to the mean comments made by people who are jealous or bored or just have a need to say something about everything, it seems like there are actually just few successful persons.

If someone is a good student that is because (s)he doesn’t do anything else in life or he is sucking up to professors or because it is really easy for her/him to do so – why? – just because. If someone looks good that is because (s)he obviously has some eating disorder or too much time so (s)he works out instead of watching the whole season of a TV show in just couple of days (crazy person, right?). If someone has student/seasonal/steady job that is because (s)he got it thanks to someone or because you need no big skills to do the job or because it’s not really a job.

This is the way we people are. We call successful people unsuccessful. Because it’s easier to make comments how someone is doing something wrongly than to do it on the (self called ) right way. It’s easier to criticize everything someone does than to try to do something by yourself. It’s easier to badmouth someone than to support them and God forbid be happy for their success.

But it’s who we are, right? People – always choosing easier way. And why to change it? When it’s easier to stay the same.


Published by If Zone