With the rise in incidents of melanoma or skin cancer, isn't it already obvious???!!! Stop baking under the sun with no sunscreen or using tanning sprays or beds! Those stuff has chemicals in them to give you the fake baked look. But will you trade temporary golden bronzed skin for a lifetime melanoma that is sure to kill you? 

For those of you in beaches right now or planning an outdoors adventure this summer, be sure to slap on sunblock with at least SPF 30 or higher to ward off the sun's harmful rays. Not only can the sun give you cancer, it's also the No. 1 responsible  behind premature aging and those deep wrinkles. Always bring an umbrella even when it isn't raining and use it! It's the first step to avoiding skin cancer. 

Meanwhile, in Asia, women are obsessed with whitening products to bleach their skin white, just as harmful as tanning products in the West. The FDA has actually released a health advisory warning to the public against the use of these "products" but production and sales still hasn't stopped. Whitening products, especially those coming from the Philippines, Thailand, and South American countries, are ticked by the FDA as harmful, containing mercury, a toxic chemical, at highly dangerous levels.

Please stop. Be contented with the skin you were given. Only when tanning and bleaching products were given the spotlight was there a kind of cancer of the skin.

Inform your friends and family, anyone else you love if you don't want to lose them. If you have freckles or dark spots, you can fix it Mother Nature's way. Just directly rub a paste of baking soda mixed with lemon. Or papaya, which contains papaine, known for its whitening properties. And if you do have to tan, generously apply sunscreen, even to areas unexposed to the sun. Studies have shown that these unexposed areas are most viable spots for skin cancer, even for people of color! 

Cancer is not picky on who its next victim will be, so take proper care of your health. Enjoy your summer!


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo