This poem is a hymn at its heart. We are all each day facing difficulties that many others may not be aware of; I have mine, and you have yours. God knows them all and whilst it can draw some in anger towards Him that he might leave them to suffer, the truth is that He cares for all of His creation and offers shelter from the storm if we would accept it. 

If Trials Assail My Mind

If trials assail my mind

Lord keep me true to better kind.

Spare moments given up to prayer

That I might find a refuge there.

Not taken in to crumbling caves,

 But peaceful knowing Jesus saves.


Each day may bring worse pain than now,

Good Christians brought to wond'ring: how

Shall the Lord save from even this?

Grant faith and reassurances;

We come puzzled and some distraught,

We leave amazed with answers sought.


God works in time that is His own,

He hears us worry, bark, and grown;

Would take us gently by the hand

And lead us home to promised lands.

Oh, take that hand that loves and gives,

Rejoice to know your Saviour lives.


If you have any questions about this hymn, or anything else for that matter, I'm happy to talk.

Published by Andrew Davies