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I'm so glad I'm here @my trending stories. It's nice to meet you.

I love blogging because it's all about give and take. I share my interests and gain yours. 

I tag my post with live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish and that is how I truly see this experience.I typically love food and life so that means anything can come up in my posts. The strange sounding word FODMAP will come up, it won't get that weird, I promise.  I look forward to getting acquainted with this community  

I'm CathyAnn a true New Yorker born and raised. I'm married 27yrs with two grown children and I've worked hard my whole life. I have dealt with digestive issues since for as along as I could remember. My issues with food have always consumed my life. I'm blogging to share those experiences with food, lifestyle, hormones and health. Oh why stop there? My Celiac, my stress, and my struggles. It all contributes to my well-being and that includes my happiness. How I interact and accept my issues allows me to feel better and ultimately live better. Like I mentioned one of biggest struggles is with food. Ever since I started to follow that necessary gluten free diet and FODMAPIsh lifestyle, life is good. I'm aging more gracefully, I am happier and even healthier. It's a very big part of me today. I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to turn 50. Really! I know that's sound weird to some of you. I truly believe it's a result of my attitude, lifestyle and. My personal journey. I enjoy sharing and expect my journey to continue with growth and happiness. Taking charge of your life will free you. Never have I been more restricted by food but never have I been more freed by food. I know what makes me feel better and what makes me sick. I make choices now through my experiences and wisdom. I want to share what I have acquired and I want to learn more from those with similar experiences. Although I live in the big city, it doesn't feel that way to me. It never has. NYC is made up of so many small neighborhoods. Little gems where everyone is connected and you really get a sense of community. Now, it helps that I grew up with my dad owning the popular neighborhood tavern. Sadly my dad is no longer with us but I'm proud to say we still own and operate that very same tavern. I also work as a special teacher assistant which brings me lots of joy. So all in all, I'm really here to share what I love in life. I also want to exchange thoughtsand gather information about things I enjoy. I'm also interested in what you enjoy. I do expect everyone to be courteous when visiting but encourage you to leave your honest comments. My blog is obviously filled with my opinions but I love to see and hear from the other side. Respect for all here. So NO worries! The loves of my life... In no particular order, I love them all. My husband, my children, my niece, family, my bff and lil man Jonas ❤️ Lets all live, eat and share FODMAPish and always gluten free of course ;) well X

come visit, share and enjoy @https://fiftyandfodmapishdot.com/

The loves of my life...

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